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A few days ago:

Veni Pov:

Never in my wildest dreams did I thought I would be in a hospital holding a newborn which is not mine.

A baby, my sister left as her reminder.

A baby, who could turn my life upside down.

A baby, who was crying for her lost mother's touch.

A baby, who I was protecting from two pairs of glaring eyes.

"Please come back Midhu, I can't live without you. I need you, our baby needs you" a voice pulled me out of my own misery.


"Midhu" a sob escaped from his lips. He was kneeling down before her lifeless body clutching her pale hands in his.

His every sob broke my heart.

If I feel heartbroken about losing my cousin, my brother-in-law had it worse.

He lost his wife.

His love of life.

He would never be the same again.

'Take care of Arjun, Veni' her last words lingered in my ears.


The next day

"You should've said No" my Aunt Meena, Midhya's mom said gritting her teeth. "You should've said no to Midhya when she asked you to take care of that shit" she added glaring at me.

"What?" I asked unable to believe her words. I know Meena Aunty can be heartless but never thought she would think this low.

"I want that trash out of this house" she yelled again.

"She's not trash" I yelled gritting my teeth "and this is not your house" I added.

"She killed my daughter. She's a monster who killed her own mother to come into this world. My daughter isn't with me just because of her. She's a monster. SHE.IS.A.MONSTER" she said emphasizing each word.

"She didn't kill anyone. If anyone who is a monster here is you. Which daughter are you talking about aunty? The one you left at my home when she was barely 10? The daughte

r that stopped calling you mom and started treating my parents as hers? She was never your daughter" I said glaring at the monster in front of me.

"You ungrateful piece of-" she was cut off by my mom "Enough Meena! You've said enough. The baby is not going anywhere. If Arjun doesn't want her, which I'm sure not going to happen, I'll adopt her" my mom yelled at her.

"Do you think he will want her? The monster who killed his beloved wife? Pfft never! He will ask you to dump her somewhere in no time. Just wait and watch. He loves my daughter so much. He will hate this monster who killed her own mother" She said smirking.

"How can you be so heartless? She's your granddaughter" I said in almost whisper. He wouldn't do that to his own baby, would he? My sister wouldn't have married him if he was that heartless.

"She's not my granddaughter " she shrieked.

I heard a faint cry from the other room, the baby room. Mom acted immediately dashing into her room and took her into her arms. I still stood rooted in my place.

Am I ready to do this?

How am I supposed to take care of her, when I could barely take care of myself? when I am incapable to love.

Am I going to give up on my dreams just because I've to take care of an infant?

How could Midhya do this to her, to me, to us?

How can I love her like my own when she's not mine?

An ear-piercing cry dragged me out of the reverie. Mom was now in front of me, gesturing for me to hold the baby.

'You can do this' a small voice in my head assured me.

When I was about to reach her with shivering hands, a pair of arms beat me. Arjun came out of nowhere and took his daughter into his arms and hugged her like his life depend on her.

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