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Arjun Pov:

A serene yet radiant smile graced her lips. She can turn someone's most crappiest day into the best day of their life with just a 'smile'. Her eyes lit up like a kid in the candy store and her face resembled a new born baby at the same time. How can it possible to be this gracious and cute at the same time? It is possible only in her case.

Only in my Midhya's case.

"Arjun, A date on the beach is my dream" she said running towards the waves and started playing like a kid. I laughed at her antics when she tried to pull her infamous 'puppy eyes' to get me into the water. I gave up and we ended up in the water, splashing water on each other.

After playing for a few hours, I excused myself to make a few calls to check on the arrangements I secretly planned to surprise her.

"Arjun, come lets build sand castles" her voice made me jump, I just want to make sure she didn't hear my conversation with my assistant. I grinned at her pouting face.

Only she can make me do these silly things. I can do anything to make her happy. My happiness is interconnected with hers. We enjoyed constructing 'our castle'.

I hope she will be with me when I reveal the reason for our sudden visit to my beach house.

"Arjun, lets go home. I'm hungry" she commanded. I laughed at the look she had on her face, trying hard to keep a hard look.

Like she's trying to mock me with that look which I use when I talk to my employees.

"You got to work on that look of yours Midhu" I said rolling my eyes at her showing her that she can't intimidate me. She pouted making it hard for me to breath.

Damnit! She knows every single weakness mine.

She is and will be my weakness for the rest of the eternity.

"Okay. Okay I give up, don't pull that face now. Lets go home" I said looking at her adoringly, which earned me a pinch on my cheek making it tinge with pink colour.

"Aww my baby is blushing" she teased pulling both my cheeks. Its really hard not to take her into my arms and kiss the hell out of her. But I need to wait a few minutes to do that.

'Get a hold on yourself Raizada' my innerself chided me.

"Stop it and come on, We need to fresh up and go somewhere else" I said pulling her towards the house.

"Where are we going Arjunnn" she said dragging my name. The effect she had on me when she said my name....

"Its not working on me today beautiful" I said smirking, she huffed and went to her room to get changed. I know she will change into the one I layed on her bed. I love to buy her whatever she likes.

I went to change into my tux and make sure to wear a tie that matches her dress and went to her room to take her to 'our destination'.

As if on a cue she opened the door making my jaw drop. She was absolutely gorgeous with an angelic smile on her face.

"Close your mouth baby, its almost touching the ground" she teased placing her forefinger under my chin, which snapped me out of the daze.

"Oh come on, we all know yo

u're the one drooling over me" I said trying not to stutter. She rolled her eyes saying 'sure'.

"Lets go I'm hungry" I said taking her upstairs.

"You told me that we're going out ?" She said with a questioning eyes.

"Yeah, a date on terrace" I said facing her now disappointed face.

'Just wait until u see what I arranged for you... for us' I thought smiling.

When we're almost there I closed her eyes with one hand making her shriek, and lead the way leading her with my other hand. Making sure the view was perfect I slowly let her go and stood beside her.

When she opened her eyes, she started blinking her eyes furiously taking in the view before.

"Wow" was the first word that managed to escape from her lips, then she turned to me with tear glistening eyes and hugged me without warning making me stumble a little.

Everyone are here, my family, her family and her favourite cousins everyone. Our way is covered with her favourite flower petals and the room illuminates with scented candles and a soft music which she loves the most.

If it isn't for the help of her cousin Veni, I couldn't have done all these things by myself. I mouthed her a 'thank you'. She nodded before tackling Midhu into a huge hug screaming 'Happy Birthday'. Soon everyone started wishing her.

Its Veni's condition to help me, to wish her sister first before everyone. And I gave into her, just because I want my angel to be happy.

After greeting and hugging everyone she turned around only to get startled to see me on one knee with a ring in my hand. Its a surprise to her including everyone as I never mentioned it to anyone.

"I know its too early to for 'us' but I want to make you mine as soon as possible before someone try to take you away from me" which earned me a chuckle " I know the moment I saw you that you are the 'one' for me. These 6 months are like a heaven to me, may be more than that? I know I'm not good with these long and romantic speeches and don't you dare laugh at me" she is laughing with tears running down her cheeks "will you marry me and love me rest of our lives" I finished and looked at her hopefully.

All she did was giving me a 'nod' pursing her lips.

"I want an answer" I demanded getting up.

"Its a BIG yes, you dumbo" saying that she landed herself in my arms hugging me.

"Good I thought of kidnapping you if you say no" making everyone laugh and slipped the ring on her ring finger. Everyone started wishing us, everyone are happy for us, I couldn't help but think something or someone was missing.

At this time I could care less thinking I hugged my angel tight.

Suddenly I heard a baby cry.


Baby, My baby girl is crying.

This is all nothing but a dream?

A tear slipped rolling down my cheek.

My Midhya is gone, leaving me alone with our daughter who needs her care the most.

Our daughter.


Combination of our names Arjun and Midhya.

I need to be strong for my Aadhya.

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