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Aderyn Pov

I have been waiting in my room since two hours. More two rounds in particular to go. My turn to fight is yet to come. I had to splash water onto my face three to four times due to the sweat forming on my skin.

"Aderyn! Second round. Let's go" George barged into my room.

I rolled my eyes at his manners.

Wearing my Gloves I made my way out of my room.

"This one is going to be tough babe. You are going to fight a Hercules type of man now" he spoke as we walk. I chose to stay quite as I always do.

I could still hear people shouting and screaming. It seems as if people were getting more wild with every round.

"It's time for our round two Ladies and Gentlemen" I heard the anchor announcing as I stood inside the wing waiting for his announcement.

"We have Theo Holmes from our wing five" I peeped a little to see a video of Theo playing on that big TV screen. The video was of his last fight as how he defeated his opponent.

"Man! He was more taller and bulkier than my last opponent" I thought.

I watched as he made his way towards the ring with ease as if he owns the place. He threw his hood somewhere and began to roar at people for cheering him.

"Huh" I scoffed

"And now it's our fighter who finished her fight within less than four seconds making a record" everyone screamed "Flame" and then I entered taking a deep breath with call composure.


"Babe I changed my mind. You fight! Fight! Fight!"

"Hey sexy you are sexy as hell"

"Oh please go out on a date with me" I smirked at this comment.

So desperate!

"You had no chance against this bull babe"

I heard people screaming and cheering with their respective comments.

"He is nothing in front of you" again the same voice which made me startled again. But I kept on walking. I was not able to recognize the voice because of people shouting and howling. Moreover, the voice was really low as if it was meant only for me to here.

I made my way into the ring while Theo who looked similar to Undertaker paced on his side like a hungry lion.

"Gosh! What have I got myself into" I muttered to myself.

He looked like a man who didn't care who was in front of him. Male or Female. And by the way he was staring at me and pacing, it told me that he was ready to kill me.

"Fighter Ready?" The referee whistled and asked.

"Ready!" I nodded as I took my place.

"Hmm" Theo just hummed.

"On the count of three"

"One!" My heart bear started to rise again.

"Two!" People screamed counting the number with the referee.

"And Three!" Ringing voice and whistling was all I could hear.

Unlike my first opponent Theo didn't lunge at me instead he chose not to underestimate me and tired to read my moves.

We began to walk in circles waiting for each other's attack. When none of us did I chose to be the first one to attack as I always loved to attack than defense.

I lunged at him and began to threw punches directly on his face but he blocked it using his hands. In other moment I punched hard on his stomach which caused him to stumble back a little bit he composed himself quickly and lunged at me throwing a punch on my side.

He was fast.

Pain strikes towards my side due to his punch.

"Damn!" I cursed as I held my side.

He didn't even give me time to recover as he again lunged at me throwing punches on my face. I got few punches on my face and I was sure it was going to leave bruises. But somehow I managed to block his punches using my forearm.

The next moment I found myself being lifted up and being thrown to ground. Pain flooded into my body and my shoulder twisted oddly making me curse.

Thank god I was fast as I blocked myself from breaking my shoulder by falling backwards.

I saw him jumping on me but before he could break my rib-cage I rolled towards my left saving myself from his deadly attack.

I wasted no time to get up. Before he could get up I kicked on his side and lunged at him punching directly on his face.

People were screaming more by this time.

He used his leg and kicked me again in my hurt side. I winced in pain and stumbled back. He got up on his feet but before he fully stand up I lunged again at him as I jumped on him and using my legs I tangled my legs in his neck and using my body weight took both of us down but with him beneath

finished out of breath.

"Woah! Relax will you" I said amused.

"No! First tell me that you are gonna give your best" he jumped up and down like a maniac.

"Yeah! Yeah Okay I will do my best" I spoke up.

"Yes! That's like a good girl now relax yourself. Your fight will start in thirty minutes" he said as he turned around and walked out of the room.

"I can do this!" I muttered to myself.

"Fighters ready?" The referee asked.

"Ready!" I said and Matthew nodded.

"On the count of three. One! Two! And three!" and we fought. We both were fighting only for that trophy. We used our whole energy and fought against each other. Neither of us were giving up.

"Flame! Flame! Flame!" Sixty percent of the audience were cheering for me.

And one last blow and he was done.

Sounds of cracker and applaud was heard. I knelt down as blood fell on the floor from my mouth. He punched really hard. I was panting and vision was blurry.

"Our winner ladies and gentlemen" I saw Matthew coming towards me as he bent down before me and gave me his hand to take.

I took it and tried to stand up.

"Is Flame!" Everyone screamed "Flame" as Matthew himself raised my hands up in the air.

"Well done! Congratulations!" He spoke as he side hugged me and clapped for me with the audience.

"Thank you" I managed to speak.

I could feel my eyes getting teary and at the same time again I was feeling lonely. Because there was no one who would be proud for me getting the trophy. Everybody were just cheering for me but in that cheering I wished for anyone who would wait for me and hug me tightly feeling proud for me for winning.

Again Aderyn was alone.

"We happily announce the winner Miss Flame whose real name is a secret for all of us is our winner. She wins our cash prize and the trophy. Ladies and Gentlemen cheer up for our winning beauty and the fighter" the anchor announced as the sponsor handed me the cash prize cheque and the trophy.

I smiled at the audience showing them the huge trophy and raised my hands in victory for the photographers to take a good photograph.

I was happy.

My eyes widened in surprise when I saw a person clapping for me and for the first time I saw a genuine smile on his face which was directed for me.

He walked towards me from the audience.

I was flabbergasted.

"H-How?" I thought

He walked and stood directly at front of me with a smiling face. Wearing his black leather jacket and black jeans he looked more handsome than ever. He had a little stubble on his face but that made him look more manly.

He reached his hands towards me and took the trophy from me holding it with happiness.

"I am so proud. I knew you could do this" he spoke lowly but still I could hear him in all this audience cheering noise.

"D-Dylan?" I managed to speak.

He looked down at me and smiled even more speaking


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