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Aderyn Pov

"Oh! I am really relieved hearing this" I spoke in my phone as I prepared my bed.

"Yes! You better work out properly because belief me its really a big one and you will earn more than you ever thought of" George spoke from the other line.

"Alright! I have actually started on my training. Goodnight now I need to sleep" I said as I disconnected the call and kept the phone on the night stand before hoping onto the bed and covering myself with the sheet.

George was the organizer and was a friend of mine. He informed me about that match in which I will be taking part. The match which was supposed to be held on this week has been postponed to a month more. That means I got lots of time to improvise on my muscles more.

I sighed and looked at the bed side towards my alarm clock. It read 11 O' clock in the night. I lied down on my back and closed my eyes hoping to get into sleep as soon as possible.

The beeping sound of my alarm woke me up. I was immediately on my feet aa I heard the alarm and stretch myself for getting rid of the laziness as I made my way towards my bathroom to change.

Brushing my teeth and washing my face I changed into my black camisole and black tank top with Reebok sports pant and my shoes and made my hair into a braid. I ran out of my house towards the road for a jogging. Soon, I found myself pushing myself into a run.

By the time I stopped I was panting and huffing out air as beads of sweat began to form on my forehead. But it was nothing compared to my daily workout.

I had more to do. When my breath came out in normal. I began to exercise more prominently. Crunch ups, sit ups, boxing, even weight lifting to improvise more. Currently, I have reached back to my backyard after that running session to work out using the props which I installed for my training. As there were no personal coach or trainer to guide me, I had to do this all by myself.

It's already been two and half an hour of me practicing. I had taken several breaks in the middle to relax and then carried on my work being loyal to myself.

As I sipped my protein shake I felt as I was being watched. I turned around and looked towards the road and towards the woods across the road but found no one. Finally, I shrugged the matter off thinking I must be being paranoid.

"Aderyn come in now, its going to rain soon" Greta called for me and I nodded seeing the clouds forming in the sky.

It's been exactly a month now. I have been practicing really hard for the match but there is feeling which keeps nagging my mind that I was being watched.

Probably, some opponent of mine thought to keep an eye on me wanting to know my moves. This was normal actually. My opponents could go to any extent to make me loose. But I am better than that. I always have a back up plan for if things could go wrong my strategy would help me survive.

But this stalking and keeping an eye thing is really cheap. It gets on my nerve and once I find out who it was, I will make sure to break every bones on his body.

Anyways I should just focus more on my match now. Today is the day.

I took a good cold shower and came out of the bathroom wearing my bathrobe. I stood before the mirror after d

made my way towards the ring but a certain voice startled me "I believe upon you".

That voice was so familiar. It made me stop on my tracks. I looked here and there searching for that person but I didn't find anyone.

"What happened? Are you scared baby girl?"

"Having second thoughts now?" I heard people mocking me to which I only ignored.

I composed myself but looked here and there again before going inside the ring.

"Damn! She looks even more taller from here" I thought.

Rebecca who was a blonde smirked at me and wore her gloves while I adjusted mine.

"Go back home kid this is not for you" she mocked me.

I just shrugged in reply.

"Alright you two ready?" The referee asked while we said our "Yes".

"On the count of three" he announced.

People began to cheer.

"One!" I took my position

"Two!" Rebecca smirked at me

"Three!" I heard the ring and it began with Rebecca running towards me. And the next moment she was down senseless.

It happened so quickly. She running towards me. Me punching right in her face and she falling in the ground senseless.

Everyone stopped cheering and I heard quite "What the fuck" from astonished people.

"Did you see that man? She knocked her out with only one punch"

"Woah! What's going on?"

"Is this even real?"

There was this comments and people whispering.

"Woah!" The anchor finally butted in.

I looked up towards the Big TV screen where my punch was being re winded.

"One! Two! Three..." the referee began to count while the people who were with Rebecca shouted for her to get up.

"Winner!" The referee took my hand into the air.

People began to cheer and about in excitement. Looks like I gained a huge crowd for supporting me.

"Unbelievable! It was a such a small fight. I can't believe it she knocked Rebecca out in just one blow" the anchor commented.

I made my way out of the ring and passed George whose mouth was hanging open.

"Close it" I pointed as I passed him.

"Ladies and Gentlemen we have Flame going to second round now" I heard while I got inside my room.

It's just the beginning. This is Power Unleashed.

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