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Dylan Pov

For the umpteenth time of the day I am reading the letter that she wrote for the people she care. But what just the most, was the fact that she didn't write anything about me.

She is gone.

She is gone is what I know. Bell came to me with this letter with a crying face telling me that Aderyn was no longer in the room. She left and left this letter for the people to let them know that she was gone.

It was all because of my stupid mistake. But now, when I think of it, it's actually good that she is gone. Now I don't have to distract so much and it's better for her. She will eventually forget about us. About me.

Then she could be able to live a life which she deserves. I am no good for her. She had already suffered a lot and I don't want to add more to her plate. I am sure that she will find a guy who will take care of her, more than her and will protect her and will cherish her with happiness. Unlike me.

I gave nothing to her. All I did was, I added more pain to her life. She needed someone who will heal her but not me. I could never keep her happy. But the fact that she will be living her life with any other male which was not me made me angry and as well as irritated. The mate bonding was making it absolutely difficult for me to deal with all this and Black was doing no help to it.

He just wants his mate back and somewhere deep down I also wants the same.

But I know this isn't possible.

This will never be possible.

I am a werewolf king after all and she was a human.

It is really unbelievable. It is really shocking that I, Dylan Black Bishop who loathed those who were weaks and humans is feeling really proud of Aderyn a normal human who has unintentionally managed to break down the walls around my heart and sneak inside.

Whenever I think of her, immediately i feel a tingling sensation on my skin. Of course, it's the mate bond.

I can't believe that it's already four hours since I last saw her. She was angry just like fire when she came to meet me this morning. I underestimated her.

"Aderyn" I whispered to myself wishing her to be with me.

I am surprised that she managed to sneak out of my territory so easily. It's really surprising for a human to do so. But she is Aderyn. I can understand that it would've been really easy to her.

I sighed as I let my eyes roam once again on that beautiful handwriting letter.

I have to agree on one thing though.

Aderyn was strong. That slap was really strong for a woman like her.

I could imagine what she must have done with her opponents.

A fierce tigress.

"King!" I heard someone calling me and I looked up towards the entrance of my office to find Blake standing with an unreadable expression.

"Blake!" I said as I folded the letter into my hand and kept inside the drawer.

"Come in! What do you want?" I asked

He walked in and stood before my desk.

"I am here to talk" he spo

en he scooted him up into his arms making him giggle.

"Good boy" his mother cooed.

Somehow I found myself getting jealous seeing the sight before me. They were what is called a Family. A perfect family, which I never had.

Blake's word is like a bucket of cold water thrown on me. I couldn't argue with me because I knew he was right.

A small smile played on my lips, remembering my once happy family. My mom and dad were the best. They did what I always asked them to do. In fact, they tried to give me more than what I could ever ask.

My shoulders slumped down in defeat when I realized I could never get them back. Eventually, I lost my interest in walking and I thought to be best if I walk back to my house.

So I walked back to my house.

"House" I shooked my head. No matter how much I called it a house I always knew that it was never a proper home for me. I never felt any connection towards it until I met her.


The fact that she was in that house made me excited and I always wanted to go back home as soon as I can only for her.

I saw food on my table but I wasn't hungry any more. Changing my clothes, into a loose pant and vest I laid back on my bed looking at the ceiling silently.

I wonder what she must be doing right now.

I sighed as I let my eyes roam towards the window. It was already late at night. Soon, my head began to pain. It's because of my wolf. It has been clawing my mind continuously trying to get my attention on his mate.

I huffed annoyed by the animal.

"Mate! Mate! Mate" he growled.

"Fine!" I threw the cover off me as I got up from the bed irritated.

I closed my eyes and rubbed my forehead because of the pain. Then I took a deep breathe and opened my eyes.

"It's time to get you back" I muttered.

"Really? Yeah! Yeah! Yeahhhh" he howled in anticipation.

"Stupid Wolf" I complained with a smile as I got ready for a mission.

"Mission finding Aderyn".

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