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Aderyn Pov

Storming back into my room, I banged the door shut and slid against it leaning my head against the door sobbing loudly. My emotions were visible through my tears and what I felt the most at that time was hurt.

I was just a piece of joke for them. They must be thinking me as a misfortune.

Actually this is true. I am bloody misfortune for everyone. I should just go away from their life. I could never give any kind of happiness to them.

A small smile broke into my lips as I began to reminiscent the days I spent here. How much fun we did together. How Blake became my closest friend and Bell became my best friend. For the first time ever in my life, I was so happy. At least for the sake of their happiness I need to take this step.

What is the difference actually?

I would've have left someday, so what is the difference if I leave today?

I am sure nobody will miss me and Dylan he would be very happy. This was what he wanted after all. He clearly told me to leave last night and me, being a selfish chose to ignore his words thinking that he must be angry that's why he spoke like that to me. It was his anger who was speaking to me.

But I forgot. Anger lets people's emotion and feelings out. And Dylan clearly wants me to leave and I will just fullfill what he wants.

I wiped away the tears using my sleeves and got up from the floor. I went to my walk in closet and took out my back pack which I brought with me when I came here.

Quickly, I stuffed my clothes and got hold of my photo frame. I couldn't control my emotions when I looked at my happy family photo.

"I terribly miss you Mom and Dad. I wish you were here with me" I whispered as I placed a kiss on the frame and held it tightly against my chest sobbing for a while.

Finally, I composed myself and put it inside my bag.

"It is time to leave Adie" I talked to myself as I stared at myself in the mirror.

I brushed my hair and made it into a French pleat. I washed my face with cold water and wiped away my face with a towel.

I wanted to bid goodbye to all of them. I so badly wanted to but I knew it will be not right.

Instead, I chose an old way. I took took piece of paper and a pen and began to write what I felt.

My dear friends, By the time you all get this, I will be far away from you all. I know I couldn't even bid a proper goodbye to all but I was really in a critical situation for which I needed to leave immediately without even informing you all. I know you all are already knowing a lot about me, but trust me the days which I spent here is the most beautiful and awesome days of my life. I never had a family who would care for me nor a proper friend who would help me in my difficulties but you all gave me all that just in this short period of time.

I don't know if I would be ever coming back but I hope every f

arby. One day I found her walking on the beach alone. That's was when I talked to her and came to know about each other. I was new to this place that time so I wanted someone as a care taker of my house who would take care of my house while I was away.

She happily agreed to come and stay with me and she liked my house as it was a beach house.

"Aderyn honey you are back!" She cried happily as she crushed me into a tight hug.

"Yes for a match" I replied as I pulled away from her.

"Oh not again!" She whined.

She knew everything about me and she hated my profession.

"Greta I told you its what I do for my living" I complained as I took off my coat throwing it on the sofa.

"And I have already told you you don't need to do this you could always take my m-" I cut her off "Greta just because you are a billionaire, heiress to the well-known toy company doesn't mean that you could waste your money on me" I complained.

She just doesn't understand.

"You are just like my daughter Aderyn" she said with a sad tone making me feel guilty.

"And you are more to me than a mother Greta so please try to understand. It is the way how I like to live" I say on the sofa leaning against it.

She sighed and came near me sitting on the sofa next to me.

"So tell me where were you all this days?" She asked and I began to feel suffocated so I changed the topic "I will tell you everything but firstly will you give me something to eat? I am hungry" I told her and watched as her expression changed into a horror one.

"Oh my! I am so stupid. Wait! I will just make something for you immediately" she got up on her feet and ran towards the Kitchen. I chuckled at her expression as I leaned back against the sofa my mind rewinding back to the days were I spent the most amazing days of my life.

"Werewolves" I smiled still not being to believe it that supernatural beings exists.

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