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Dylan Pov

I watched as Julie checked Aderyn and made me out of the room for changing her clothes. My wolf was pacing around panicking. He wanted to see Aderyn awake.

"What is wrong with her?" I asked getting restless to Julie.

She heaved a sigh and pursed her lips.

"I have given her the injection and changed her to something comfortable. She should be fine now" she told me but she looked unsure of what she was speaking.

"What's with your behavior?" I asked sternly.

"We are werewolves, Alpha. We can heal really fast when we are hurt compared to a human. Aderyn is Human. Her wounds will heal with time but not her soul" she told me and her statement made me attentive.

"What do you mean by soul?" I asked confused.

"I also don't know Alpha. As a doctor I tried my best and it's already five hours since I have given her the medicines. She should've already responded to it but I don't understand why she is not responding" she spoke with her professional tone.

"I don't understand" I muttered as I went past her and entered the room where Aderyn was still not awake. She was now wearing a loose grey shirt with loose pants. She looked pale but she was breathing heavily.

"Aderyn wake up" I said as I took hold of her hand and gave it a squeeze. Her skin was cold. So, I covered her using the duvet and sat next to her on the bed feeling guilty.

"I am sorry Aderyn. It was all my fault" I spoke regretfully as I touched her face trailing my fingers on her eyebrow.

"Please wake up" I even begged.

"Sometimes brain do not listen to our commands" I heard someone speak and I turned around to find Estelle near the door.

"Estelle!" I spoke turning to face her still on the bed.

"Our brain has the capability to shut us down when we are in pain. It has the capability to lock us in our past moments making us shut down from the world" She spoke as she came near me.

"What do you mean?" I asked confused.

She looked at Aderyn and walked near her. She closed her eyes and changed something moving her lips. When she opened her eyes, her eyes were now glowing and she placed her hand on Aderyn's forehead closing her eyes again. She stood like that for some minutes and I began to grow restless.

She jerked away her hand from Aderyn and opened her eyes. Her eyes came back to her normal form but what got my attention was her teary eyes.

"What is it?" I asked growing inpatient.

"You told me that you can't read Aderyn's thought and mind right?" She asked and I nodded confused on where this was going.

"When we are broken, alone we shut down ourselves from the world. But with this, we build a capability to control somewhat thoughts of our brain. Humans do not have such capability but only some special werewolves has this ability to control their thoughts. Aderyn is our Luna. She is a human but being the Luna to a werewolf king gives her power. When she doesn't want any one to know her she controls her brain acting normal on a situation but in reality she panics" she filled me with the information as I tried to understand everything.

"She is a reservative human but for now she is stuck. Her brain is not listening to her commands and has chose to shut down. She is literally stuck inside her brain in some moments of her past" Estelle told me as she gave me a sad expression.

"What do you mean?" I asked

"This means she can't control her body now. Her brain is controlling her now. She is stuck and being her mate you could make her come back to senses".

"It would've been more simpler if you would've marked her at the first place. You could've easily read her mind and even know about her. But seeing the fact that you didn't mark her you could still help in waking her up".

"And how am I going to do that?" I asked as I got up from the bed.

"I will spell a magic which will break the barrier of her mind. You could enter her mind using your mate bond and look through her past. You will get to know her

She was filled with darkness. She was my inspiration now. I was pushing her away from me all the time. If only I knew. My pain was nothing before her.

I was standing near a bridge now. I looked around panicked thinking what worst I was going to witness now.

There I saw a girl drinking alcohol from a bottle. She couldn't even stand straight. It was Aderyn.

She was drunk and I could see her face masked with sadness. She was cursing loudly as she leaned against the railing. She threw the bottle to the water and made her way towards the edge where she stood on the railing supporting herself but failing miserably.

Oh no! She was planning to suicide. She cannot do that.

"Aderyn no!" I screamed but I knew she couldn't hear me yet I couldn't stop myself from talking to her.

"Aderyn you are not weak. You can't do this to yourself" I screamed and as if she heard me she stopped moving. Her feet hanging on the edge of the bridge.

"You are not alone Aderyn. We all are there for you Aderyn. Please don't do this. This is not a right choice. I am there for you" I told her and my eyes widened realizing what I just said to her.

Everything began to turn dark and I was suddenly pulled backwards. I heard Estelle again chanting something.

"Call her Alpha!" She told me and I did what she asked me to do.


"Aderyn listen to me"

"You need to get out Aderyn"

"Aderyn follow my voice"

"Aderyn!" I began to call her and I was suddenly pulled out.

I huffed out air and I looked around frantically to find myself back in my the room. I removed my hand from Aderyn's forehead and looked down her to see her breathing normally now. She was back but still sleeping.

"My work is done over here" I heard Estelle's voice in thin air as she faded away bowing.

She was gone.

"King!" I heard Cole and turned around to see his eyes watery. Beside him, Bell was crying terribly not able to control herself.

"We all everything that you saw Alpha. Your mind link was open" Cole spoke and then I understood. I forgot to close the mind link while talking to Cole. That means all of the People knew everything about Aderyn now.


"Its okay we will not judge her King" Bell spoke between her sobs.

"She is still our Luna. Our Strong Luna. She deserves to be our Luna" Blake spoke as he looked sad. It was the first time he was not in his cheery self.

I saw Lily. She looked sad nevertheless she glanced at Aderyn for the last time and turned back going away somewhere.

I turned back to Aderyn and sat next to her.

"Forgive me Aderyn" I spoke and got up from the bed making my way out of her room.

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