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4 years later

19 years old Aderyn

I combed my hair and made it a braid and tied my brown hair which reached my back with a band and used hair clips to set my hair. I looked at myself in the mirror. Everything has changed. I was no longer the same Aderyn. I was changed and all grown up.

I will be turning twenty next month and how badly I wished my family to be with me. But I am not alone any longer. Nancy is with me. She will turn six years old after two months. She is my only family.

I looked at myself in the mirror. I as dressed in a black tank top and above of it a black jacket with Black jeans. I just loved black. I walked out of my room and checked the time to see it's already noon.

Nancy is in hostel. I had no other choice but to keep her there. I had been killing people not willingly but by force and I didn't want Nancy to be a part of all this. I am still burning with revenge whenever I meet Derek, images of parents comes rushing into my mind. Today is the day when I will be destroying him forever.

I knocked in his door and entered the room when I got the permission. I want to the couch and directly sat on it waiting for him to finish his call.

"Flame" he eyed me as he ended his conversation. My name has been changed by the agency and I'm basically known for my ruthless ways of killing people. Whenever I am done, I would burn there bodies or their houses for no evidence.

"What is it?" I asked arrogantly and he rolled his eyes.

"Always arrogant. Get on your job. Take this" I threw a file on me as usual. The file contained every information about my work.

Today is the day I've been waiting my whole life. Today is the day when I was going to destroy him.

I nodded and got out of his room with the file still in my hand. As I walked through building I saw James holding a girl probably of fourteen to fifteen years old in his arms and he walked towards the Cellar while the girl was unconscious in his arms.

"Don't worry girl I will save you" I muttered as I walked towards the basement and took the keys of my car from the person who was sitting on the counter. I showed him my file and he stamped on it and gave me the car keys.

We were only allowed to go out of the building whenever we were allotted for a work. There was a Chip stuck to every agent or shall I say Assassin to trace their location. So nobody could ever go against the agency.

But I was prepared.

As soon as I reached the car, igniting the engine I drove off to the location. While driving, I pulled my tank top up and pulled out the papers that I hid behind me underneath my Jacket. From my shoes, I fished out a pen drive and smirked keeping it on the papers.

"You are going down Derek" I spoke to myself and smiled with victory.

I have been secretly and cunningly collecting information against Derek. The pen drive contains all his illegal works which I stole from his Computer data secretively.

All I have to do now is to handle all this to the Police. I have a friend in Police who knew everything about me and the agency. He was the one who asked me to collect information against him and today was the day when I was going to do everything as I planned.

I parked my Car before the house where I was suppose to kill my target.

I took the gun and knife and walked in. The front door was closed but I opened it easily using my technique and walked in. The room was dark and I thought no one was there.

"Hands up" I stood dead on my track as the lights lit on and a man stood near the doorway pointing his gun at me.

I raised my eyebrow at him and took few steps towards him. I could see him Gulping. I was famous to my killing ways. I did not fear death. It was not possible for anyone to scare me.

"Put the Gun down Idiot" I muttered and rolled my eyes at Theo.

He smiled sheepishly and pulled his hands back.

"Geez! I thought I could scare you" he rubbed the back of his neck.

Theo was the Cop who was my friend who was going to help me against Derek. As I couldn't go anywhere, we formed a plan for which Theo needed to change his identity and become our Agency's new target and we made sure that I was the one who should get him as a target and for that we had to kill the other Assassins who were sent by Derek for Theo.

"The files are in the car" I spoke icily as I sat on a couch.

"I will take care of it from now on. A will inform the department for a Raid" he informed me as he got on his job calling his department.

"Leave Derek for me Theo. I want to destroy him by my own hands" I spoke sternly and with hatred.

"Listen Flame this isn't possible. He will be in our custody and he can't kill any more people now. I promise I will make sure to make his life a living hell" Theo tried to justify and I nodded.

"Don't worry we will save the victims an you will not be involved in this case as I have promise you earlier" he spoke and I

ning money. It was illegal but the amount was huge. I needed money to pay Nancy's hospital bill. I wanted to save her. She was my only family and for that I accepted being Flame.

No company gave a job to a undergraduate girl. I was talented but I didn't have any degree. I was helpless.

It was time for a match now and for that I needed to leave Nancy alone in the Hospital.

"I have to go now Princess" I spoke as I kissed her palm lightly.

"I don't want you to go. Please don't go. I'm scared" she cried holding my hand.

I looked into her eyes and held her close to me, gently kissing her on her forehead. I promised I would be back soon.

"Don't cry, Sissie is going for important work stuff" I told once she started to cry.

She stopped crying and with her Little hands, she held my face and sobbed.

"OK go then, I will wait for you."

"Good girl" I told her.

I kissed her again and went out of the Cancer ward.

It has been a five months now and yet there is no improvement in her body. The doctors have started to give up on her but I was stubborn. I knew nothing would happen to her.

"Nancy look I have brought your favorite pasta" I spoke happily as I kept the lunchbox on the table.

She was sleeping. So, I went to her and shooked her but she didn't open her eyes. She looked pale and thin.

"Nancy wake up" I called as I shooked her more.

I punched the switch calling the nurse.

"Nancy please wake up" I called her again but this feeling my heart beat rising. I was panicking now.

The doctor and the nurse barged in and pushed me aside and began to do their work.

They checked her pulse and I noticed the machine which was dead.

"We are sorry Miss Brookes" the doctor spoke as he gave me a sympathetic look and stood aside.

"W-What? What are you sorry for? Nothing he happens to Nancy. She is strong. She will wake up now just wait. You will see" I spoke as I pushed the nurse who was holding me and went to Nancy.

"Nancy please open your eyes"

"You can't leave me Nancy"


"Please God you can't do this to me"

"Plead Nancy wake up" I cried shaking her.

I took her in my arms and kept my head on her face.

"You can't leave me princess. We were family" I cried holding her tight.

I stood their holding her in my arms for some minutes disagreeing to the fact that she was gone.

After some minutes when it started to register in my mind, finally I broke down. It was the ugly truth that Nancy was no longer with me. She was gone forever and ever. I couldn't save her.

I watched the scene which was playing before me and I knew I was crying remembering those moments. Those were the worst moments of my life but were the ugly truth.

I looked at another scene where I was standing at the edge of the bridge looking dead and broken. I was trying to kill myself. But I couldn't. No matter how much I tried I couldn't. It was just too much for a twenty year old girl. I was human after all.

I snapped out of the scene as I heard someone calling me.

It was turning dark again and I found myself again in darkness as I began to hear someone calling for me.


"Aderyn follow my voice Aderyn"


And as I followed the voice, I began to recognize who it was.


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