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It's been fifteen days. Fifteen days till I last saw my parents, my family. I am still in this hospital laying like a dead human on the bed. My hand is still plastered and some bandages of my body has been removed. My body has started to heal but my soul is still in pain.

Some people who were close to my family came to meet me. Some showed condolence while some of them tried to console me when I broke down in front of them. But none stayed for too long. With a facade of sadness and pity they payed me a little visit showering me with flower and Money but no one understood that I didn't want all this. I just wanted to go back to my family. I hated living alone.

They said that there was some wire problem which caused the house on fire but little did they knew I was present there what happened and the murderer was roaming outside freely.

The police investigators took my statement about what happened and I gave them the information truthfully wanting and hoping for justice but as if the whole world has turned against me the cops are just not doing anything and they said they didn't get any evidence to prove my statement.


Can't they see my condition? Is it not enough to prove everything?

I have crying endlessly. It's just too much for me. I am feeling so helpless and weak. I couldn't do anything to save them. I am just good for nothing. I didn't even get a chance to say goodbye to them heck I couldn't even attend their funeral.

I am the worst daughter in this world.

Getting up from the bed, I looked outside of the window to see it's already dark. I got down on my feet and winced when I felt my muscles flexing. Still I got up on my foot and made my way towards the door. I couldn't stand any longer. Loneliness is killing me.

I walked out of the door and to the elevator. I walked out of the elevator when the door pinged open. It was the ground floor. I saw some people sitting on a bench, some were crying, a girl in the reception who was busy scribbling something on her notepad.

Some people who visited me gave me some money. I was relieved that I kept it in my pant pockets. I walked out of the hospital and luckily no one noticed me. I was yelping in pain whenever I walked quicker. I just wanted to get away.

As soon as I was in the road I looked for a Cab. It was difficult because no driver, pulled up before a girl who was in hospital patient uniform and had a plastered hand and bandages all over the body. Finally a man pulled up before me and I gave him the address where he had to take me.

All the way, I watched out of the window lifelessly thinking this all to be a dream. I snapped out of my thoughts when the Cab came to a halt. I watched out of the window to see I have reached my destination. The familiar place which was no longer had anything to do with me. I was a foreigner now.

I got out of the Cab and played the driver he looked towards my once which was called home, and looked at me sympathetically before driving away with a last glance.

I looked back at my house and tears began to roll down as I realized it was no longer my house. It was now a mess. It looked like a Horror house which we saw in movies. Police Banners were pasted on the door but I couldn't stop myself. I walked to the door and tried to open. It clicked open and I walked in. Everything was burnt. Nothing was left. Everything was turned into debris and I couldn't recognize a single thing.

It was the place where my Mom and Dad stood last time I was them. I fell on my knees and screamed.

"Please come back!" I cried and signed.

I don't know how longer I sat their crying but I just couldn't control myself. My emotions were just flowing away in tears. The longer I sat the longer I got my answer to the question why was I still alive.

"Ryan" I uttered the name with disgust.

"You have to pay for it" my words were filled with venom and hatred.

"I am coming for you Brother" I spat with hatred.

I wiped away my tears using my sleeves and close my eyes.

"What should I do?" I uttered.

I was so engrossed in my own little world that I couldn't feel the presence behind me. When I felt it som

ing on the dusty floor now, eyeing the ceiling blankly. All my energy is drained now. I can't even speak. But I'm happy. May be I'm going to meet my parents soon.

The door of my room opened and I looked up to see Derek giving me a visit.

"So stubborn" he spoke "Just like her father".

"Give up already" he spoke as he eyes my condition.

"I would like to die, its better than joining you. You are the real Terrorists" I spoke, my throat burning for water.

"Fine! I guess your little sister will join us then when she grows up" he spoke and his statement made me sit up.

"Sister? Nancy?" I spoke and he smirked nodding.

"She is alive?" I asked shocked

"Yes she is" he replied rolling his eyes.

"No! You are lying" I replied and got up on my feet using the wall for support.

"She was burned badly but my man saved her and brought her to me. So now she will join the agency when she grows up" he spoke arrogantly.

"No No please let me meet her" I spoke pleading him to let me meet her. I got a reason to live for my sister.

"Nope" he smirked.

"Please let me meet her please I bet you" I begged.

"What will I get?" He questioned and closed his mouth acting as if he was thinking.

"Yes I know" he spoke "Nothing".

"Ryan is working for me now and he doesn't even know you two are alive. I have transferred him to another city. All I need is to call him and he will come running back" he stopped and then continued "Do you know why he will come back?"

I kept quiet listening to him. My heart beat was rising every time he spoke like that.

"Of course to kill you" he finished and tears rolled down my eyes feeling helpless.

"Let me call him" he spoke and took out his phone.

"No!" I snapped

"No please no" I pleaded

"I will do as you say please I will do it" I gave up finally and slide down against the wall crying helpless.

"Very well then" he smiled satisfied.

"You can meet your sister. You have to train and don't worry about your education. You will be home schooled now. This is going to be your home from now on. You will be trained and you are going to work for me" he spoke and I kept my mouth shut listening to him.

"And also I will keep this as a secret from your so called brother that you are alive" he spoke and eyes me once and I nodded signalling him that I heard everything and agree to it.

But this wasn't what I planned.

This was a beginning now.

Beginning of Revenge.

Ryan Brookes and Derek Williams I am going to Kill you. You will meet your end soon. Very soon. This is my promise. I am going to destroy everything.

This is a promise from Aderyn Brookes to her parents.

"Soon" I muttered as I felt a new energy burning inside me and my blood filling with venom and thirst of Revenge.

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