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Dylan Pov

I don't know why am I angry but I couldn't control myself when I knew that she knows about my past. Who told her that?

I never wanted to share something which was related to my past with her. There was nothing which I could share. What would I have told her? My past is something which I do not want to remember. And the two thing which I hated the most was sympathy and pity.

She said she was starting to pity me. I loathed it when someone pitied on me. I just wanted to know who gave her those marks? She was just so stubborn and didn't want to share it. Fine! I understand that. But the fact that I can't read her disturbs me a lot.

She shouldn't have argued with me. I know I was just too much. I shouldn't have reacted that way. She was still sick. She was weak. She couldn't even fight back to me properly and I reacted such horribly.

I was just angry. My wolf also doesn't like the fact that she knew about my past. He is also angry. But deep down, we were angry because what if she leave us after knowing everything that happened to us in our past. Nobody wants to live with a broken man. Why would she live here if she finds out that I am her broken mate. I can't be healed. I am wounded till my last breath. I don't think I can ever keep her happy.

She deserves happiness.

I sighed as I watched out of the window of my office as it poured heavily. It was raining heavily and it was dark outside. I think I should apologize to Aderyn. Maybe somebody had told her about me thinking that she should know as she is the Luna.

Now when I think of it, it is better that she knows. I don't have tell her anything when she asks about my family later.

I shouldn't have told her all that. It was my anger who was speaking that time. I told her to leave.


"I never wanted to say that to her" I whispered closing my eyes as regret passed through my body.

"Alpha!" I heard a voice and I turned around to find a ball of light behind me forming into a human figure. I knew who it was. It was one of the eleven witches.

"Estelle Helliot?" I asked confused seeing her after a long time. She was the witch of light and future.

"Alpha!" She spoke once she came back to her real form.

Her blonde hair cascading down to her waist. Her black eyes showed worriedness. She was woman with round face, may be 5′4 in height and was little chubby. The black cape she wore made her look like a typical witch.

"Estelle is everything alright?" I asked as I eyed her worried face.

"I sense something bad is going to happen" she spoke as she closed her eyes.

"Something which is not good" she spoke again.

I was about to ask her what was going on when Blake barged in through the door "Alpha!"

He stopped when he noticed Estelle standing before me with closed eyes.

"Estelle" he said as he lowered his head showing respect to her. Estelle nodded opening her eyes.

"Alpha you need to come. There is something weird going on with the kids and all the pups" he said. His voice was filled wi

nd I cursed myself. It was all because of me. She went through all this only because of me.

I stood on the front with some of my members and Julie waiting for her. I noticed a figure emerging out of the woods and I recognized it as Lily. She ran towards us and I found Aderyn on her back senseless.

"Aderyn!" I called as I took hold of her and pulled her to my arms.

A heard a cry and I looked at Kira Lily's wolf whimpering at Aderyn seeing her drenched and unconscious.

Aderyn was looking pale. Her body was soaked in rain and cold.

"Aderyn!" I called her patting her cheeks.

"Aderyn open your eyes" I pleaded my voice filled with desperation.

"Alpha let me see" Julie knealed down beside me trying to take Aderyn.

"No! Don't touch her" my wolf growled. He was panicking and he didn't want his wolf to be taken away.

"Black let her check Aderyn" Estelle interfered as she touched my shoulder and I growled angrily.

"Please Black understand the situation. Aderyn wants check up and Julie won't hurt her" Estelle tried to make my stubborn animal understand.

He whimpered and understanding reluctantly let Aderyn go.

Julie took her to her arms and started to check her.

"Oh no! It's not good she is hyperventilating" she spoke worriedly as she checked her pulse.

"Let's take her back to the room" Julie spoke and in no time I took of Aderyn and cradled her up to my chest. I took her to her room and made her comfortably on her bed. Julie was fast to check her.

"Alpha I need to change her clothes before she starts to get Hypothermia" Julie told me as I nodded slowly went out of the room even if I didn't want to.

"Alpha!" I heard Cole looking at me sadly.

"Don't worry she will be alright" Blake spoke softly and I watched as Lily came running towards us wearing her shorts and t-shirt. Her face reflected worriedness. She was as worried as we were.

Bell and Jenny too joined us after knowing about Aderyn.

I hope everything gets better soon.

I hope she is alright.

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