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Aderyn pov

I could feel myself getting back to my senses but it was hard for me to open my eyes. It was like I couldn't open them. As if I didn't have any control over my receptors.

Though my eyes were closed, I could still sense and feel what was going around me. I felt something wet placed on my forehead and someone touching my cheek. I could feel tingles wherever I was being touched.

I wanted to look at the person but soon myself getting back to slumber and I slipped into darkness.

My eyes fluttered open and immediately I felt my eyes squinting adjusting with the light. I was feeling good now. I tried to look around but found something wet on my forehead. My forehead creased in confusion as I slowly used my hand to reach the thing which was on my forehead.

I touched something wet and when I pulled it of my forehead I found it as a cloth. I groaned and tried to get up but something was stopping me from doing so. I looked towards my right and was shocked to find a figure sleeping next to my bed on the chair.

It was no other than Dylan.

Oh my God! What was he doing here?

I noticed his hand tangled with mine right hand as he held it as if his life depended on it. He was sleeping soundly. Though I doubt him to be comfortable on that wooden chair still his feature seemed calm as he held my hand.

His hair was a mess. I notice he was wearing a black slacks with a white shirt. His face was void of expression as he was sleeping still he looked little tensed.

I pulled myself up and rested myself against the headboard.

What happened?

I tried to remember what happened and how I reached this bed. I closed my eyes and tried to remember. I was feeling dizzy. I took a bath then I walked out of the bathroom and then I fell on the ground.

"That reminds me" I panicked muttering to myself.

"Who changed me?" I questioned to go one in particular as I eyes my dress. I was changed into a white shirt and white loose pants.

I looked towards Dylan panicked.

"Did he?"

"No he didn't. He wouldn't do that" I spoke to myself.

"You are awake" I heard a husky voice and I looked to my right to find Dylan already awake looking at me intently.

"How are you feeling now?" He asked as he got up from his seat and came to me. He sat on the edge of the bed and surprising me he reached his hand to touch my forehead. I shivered due to his touch and the sparks that flew through our body was electrifying.

"Thank God your temperature is down" he spoke softly as he didn't pull his hand off me instead he trailed it down to my neck placing it there.

"You had a fever. You passed out and fell on the floor senseless" he spoke his words filled with worriedness.

"Thank to the Lords I reached here on time. Why are you so careless? You should've taken care of yourself" and he was back to scolding.

He trailed his fingers up and placed his rough but big palm against my cheek.

"You got me worried there" he spoke softly now.

His fingers lingered on my cheek for some seconds then he pulled away and I began to miss his touch very disturbingly.

"Who did that to you Ad

I got up from the floor and walked out of the room. I walked out of the house and began to walk inside the woods.

Soon I found myself running. I was crying and most importantly I felt anger. I watched as the Thunder strikes in the clouds and I knew it was going to be raining soon but I didn't care. It was dark her I could see everything and I ran trying to get rid of the pain which I felt.

I wasn't angry upon Dylan. Anybody in his place would have reached the same. I would've been angry if anyone tried to find out about my past without my permission. It was my memory. It was my privacy. I could understand what Dylan must have been feeling right now.

I ran till I got myself panting hard and huffing out air. Finally, my legs gave up and I fell on the ground feeling devastated. No sooner, It began to rain. I cried and sat in my knees hugging myself as I cried opening my wounds again.

"You are wrong Dylan" I screamed.

"I do know how it feels to loose someone who is close to you" I shouted as I felt myself getting drenched under the rain. My clothes were wet and I knew I must be looking like a mess.

"I do know" I screamed as I cried hugging myself. Dylan has unknowingly wounded my already wounded heart more.

The pain was rising more and more.

Memories began to flash through my mind as I remember how my parents died. How I killed my sibling to save the other sibling. How the one died in my arms and I was not able to do anything to save her. My Nancy. My little sister who died in my arms and I wasn't able to save her. I was helpless.

I had to kill my elder brother Ryan to save her yet I couldn't save any one of them. How helpless I was back then. How I tried to kill myself trying to jump off a bridge.

I screamed as I pulled my hair angrily not wanting to remember it.

"You are wrong Dylan. You are so wrong" I screamed as I felt my head spinning again and I collapsed on the ground still under the rain.

How much I wish to die wanting myself to free from all these pain and sufferings. I am suffering and I don't want to live.

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