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Aderyn Pov



I fell on the ground panting hard. I have been doing the crunch ups from last fifteen minutes and now I'm done.

Oddly I am feeling little weak. I don't know what's wrong with me but I'm feeling little dizzy and weak from last two days. I haven't got to talk to Dylan since that call he did and after knowing about him, I don't know why but I don't want to face him.

I huffed out air, my breathing uneven and turned to a side. I propped myself up using my elbow and groaned when I felt my sides aching due to crunch ups.

I got up on my feet and pulled up my top above my head and threw it inside the laundry basket. It was all sweaty and I needed a bath. I walked inside my bathroom and getting rid of my clothes I went to the tub instead of the shower. My heart was beating faster and I was feeling dizzy.

Filling the tub with cold water I jumped in and rested my head against the small attached pillow like structure on the tub. I felt dizzy again.

Moaning in pain because of my sides, I closed my eyes and rubbed my forehead using my finger.

What is wrong with me?

I took the body wash and applied it over my body. After I was done I got out of the tub and I was sure that I would have kissed the ground feeling my head spin. I held the tub to support myself and finally when I found myself normal, I wrapped the towel around my body and went out of the bathroom.

I walked straight towards my bed but before I could reach there, my vision went dark and I found myself loosing my balance. Before I could loose my senses I remember myself falling on the ground with a loud thud hitting my head in the process. I was feeling very weak. All my power drained out of my body and I closed my eyes slipping into darkness.

Dylan Pov

I watched as the Cars speeding up beside me and Blake driving like a maniac.

"Blake will you slow down a little?" I asked and he nodded before slowing down.

"I thought you weren't going to be back before tomorrow" Blake spoke as he changed the gear.

"Yeah the work got finished quickly" I spoke checking my mobile.

"Or maybe you wanted to see the Luna" he muttered but I heard it.

"Shut up" I growled.

His lips twitched up into a smile but he kept his mouth shut not asking or uttering anything.

I looked out of the window as the scenery passed by. It was true, I was back before a day but my work was all sorted there and what was I supposed to do there? I took the flight and returned back. Not because of Aderyn.

"Yeah! Yeah! keep saying that to yourself. Humans" my wolf scoffed at me.

"What did you just say? You mutt" I growled inside my head at the animal that living inside me.

"You were always thinking about her. You can't hide this from me. I know everything huh" he scoffed again.

"Shut the f*ck up" I replied and blocked him.

No I wasn't back for Aderyn. Yes I wasn't and I will prove this to all.

We reached the house and I got out of my car. As usually some important members were standing in the entrance waiting to greet me. As soon as they saw me that said in chorus.

"Long Live the Alpha"

"Long Live the King"

I nodded at them and entered the house.

"King!" I heard Cole calling me and I turned around to find him along with Jenny.

"Alpha" she bowed her head.

"I see you are back" I spoke and she nodded with a smile. Cole intertwined his han

he was done and his anger subsided. I slide down against the wall sitting on the floor panting.

"Alpha?" I heard a voice inside my mind.

It was the doctor who was trying to mind link me.

"Julie!" I mind linked.

"Alpha are you alright?" She asked worried about her King.

"Yes. Did you check Aderyn?" I asked nervously.

"Yes. She has fever and her body shut down wanting some rest. It seems like she was pushing herself too much which resulted her to get tired quickly. But she will be alright soon. She needs a good sleep and it will do" she spoke calmly.

"What about her temperature?" I asked worried.

"It is normal for her to have rise in temperature but she will be back soon to normal" she finished and I sighed feeling little relaxed.

"But Alpha you need to see something" she spoke and by the way she spoke she sounded little worried.

"What is it?" I asked panicking again.

"Please come here. I think you should see this with your own eyes" she spoke and I wasted no time getting up and running back to her room.

Thankfully, Julie had changed her to a tops and trousers or it would've been difficult for me to control myself any longer.

"What is it?" I asked looking at her pale face.

Julie seemed little worried as she tried to turn Aderyn on her stomach. I helped her and she raised her top up and there I saw marks.

"It looks as if she was whipped" Julie spoke softly and my mind became blank seeing the marks. It was fading but you can still see that if you concentrated on it.

Realizing that she must have been whipped for the second time of the day my wolf tried to take over with anger. He wanted to kill the person who whipped his mate and let alone fir touching her.

"King please calm down" Julie tried to calm me.

"I c-can't control h-him" it was the human side of me who spoke.

"Alpha inhale Luna's smell" Julie spoke up quickly and I got down on my knees, and placed my face on the crook of her neck, inhaling her chocolate and rose smell which calmed me.

When I was normal, I touched her skin which had the marks feeling sad that I wasn't there for her when she needed me.

Who did that to her and why?

My wolf growled wanting revenge.

Aderyn doesn't seem that weak as I thought her to be.

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