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It's been a day since Dylan called me on my phone. Now I am not saying that I miss him, but I kind of get bored without him. No fight, no irritation and I think I miss all this.

"Lu- uh Adie why are you not saying anything?" I looked to my side to find Jenny looking at me worriedly.

I gave her a smile to which she returned and at continued talking about places and her pack. She is so talkative, but interesting.

"When I knew that you know all about us being werewolves I freaked out. But then when I saw your calm and composed self I calm down a bit and I am proud to have a Luna like you" so told me and I stopped eating.

"What?" was my only question.

"Uh I mean friend like you" she changed and I gave her a suspicious look continuing eating my Chinese.

"We are friends right?" She asked with hope in her eyes and I smiled nodding at her making her beam with happiness.

"Friends" I muttered.

"So is there anything left that you don't know?" She asked playing with her fork.

"I don't know" I shrugged.

"Okay? Why don't you ask me questions and I will try to give you answers" she stated.

"Okay sure?" My reply was more like a question.

"So let me start first. I will ask you questions and you answer them because Bell told me that she doesn't know much about you. You are mysterious" I choked on my good coughing loudly.

"Oh dear! Here drink this" she offered me water and I drank it feeling glad.

"M-Mysterious?" I questioned coughing a little.

"Yeah Mysterious because you have been here from so many days and yet nobody knows much about you" she added

"Okay ask whatever you want" I replied eating my Chinese. But I was little tensed under my smiling facade.

"Okay? So what is your favorite color?" She asked which brought a smile on my face. Of course she was going to ask such questions.

"Turquoise and Brown" I answered.

"What no pink no purple?" She pouted making me laugh at her expression.

"No" I replied

"Strange. Anyways Favorite Food?" She asked and I gestured towards the food I was eating.

"Oh so Chinese it is" she spoke understanding what I meant and I nodded.

"Favorite Place?"

"Las Vegas and London" I told her.

"Wow interesting place" she replied

I nodded and gestured her to continue.

"Favorite Song?" She asked

"Their are many so nothing specific".

"Okay? Favorite Cartoon?" and I dropped my fork on the plate.

"What? Cartoon? Seriously?" I asked amused with her question.

"Yeah Cartoon. Everyone has tried favorite cartoon" she told me and I tried hard to stop myself from laughing.

"Okay? Interesting. Uh it's Tom and Jerry" I told her whatever that first came into my mind.

"Tell me about your family" she asked and I stopped eating making my expression void. This was the question which I dreaded the most.

"I mean who all their in your family?" She continued asking.

I clear

as our Highness once saved their lives".

"Actually it's twelve but one of them was the traitor as she helped our enemies in destroying us, which led the other eleven turned against her. Finally, the day came to get back everything. We fought and the witches killed the traitor witch. Our enemies were slayed by our King and finally we won the battle".

"But we lost two important things in that battle" she said with a sad face.

"Our Beta lost his life fighting till the end leaving our King alone and Our King was no more the same childish and happy kid. He turned Cold. He kept all the pain and emotions inside locked inside him. He made himself powerful but he became alone. No was there for him when he slept alone in thunderous nights. No one was there for him to be called as a family. No one was there to hug him when he needed someone. He distant himself from every one. He became this arrogant, rude and" she heaved a sigh "mean".

"But trust me Adie he wasn't like this. It was the situation which made him like this. No one is responsible for this" she finished and I noticed her eyes getting watery.

I felt wetness on my cheeks and I touched to find tear. Unknowingly I was crying and somehow I was feeling pain for that boy who went through so much in his life.

"What was his age when all this happened?" I asked my voice hoarse.

"Thirteen" she finished and I could no longer control the tears that were threatening to roll down. I couldn't believe myself for crying for a person whom I hardly knew. My heart ached and I felt an emotion which I couldn't quiet point out.

I was somehow feeling proud for Dylan being so strong but at the same time felt immense pain which I couldn't describe.

I got up from my seat and walked towards my room leaving Jenny who didn't seem to utter anything.

Somehow, Dylan and me are in the same track. But he wasn't the one who destroyed his family.

Like me.

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