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"Mind link. Wow that's really cool. I mean you don't need to use a phone for connecting with someone. And now it explains how you guys were talking or having information about each other without even using a phone" I told Bell as she feed me about mind linking.

"Yeah it is cool" Cole replied and I marked as he looked restless.

"Cole?" I called him.

"Yeah?" He replied still looking restless.

"Is everything alright?"

"Yeah! Uh why?" He asked

"It's because you seem restless. What is it Cole?" I asked leaning against the kitchen table as Bell prepared breakfast for us.

"Uh nothing" he replied rubbing his neck.

"I will tell you what's his problem is. Jenny is his problem" Blake spoke as he entered the kitchen room.

"Jenny?" I questioned.

"Jenny as in Jennifer, his mate" Blake told me and I looked at Bell who was smiling towards Cole.

"Yes she is coming today" Bell added

"Really?" I asked excited. I wanted to meet Cole's mate and I don't know why but suddenly I feel very excited knowing that Jenny is going to come today.

"Wow that's excellent. So you are restless thinking about her?" I questioned wiggling my eyebrows at him to which he laughed and nodded.

After Bell prepared our Breakfast we ate it in silence. Dylan was absent today for Breakfast and without me asking Bell told me that he is going to be out for some days as he was going for some pack meeting to other country.

I shrugged my shoulder in response hearing that. But deep down I felt little sad that he didn't think to meet me before going. But I shrugged off the matter and continued eating my breakfast.

The day went usual with training with Train which we did training only on basics. He tried a lot to provoke me and show my skills to him but my stubbornness made him eventually to give up.

I ate lunch with everyone, met new people and even went to the meet Evangeline and the other kids, I went for a walk alone missing Dylan a little bit. Very little.

"Yeah! Yeah keep telling that to yourself" a voice inside me mocked me.

I went inside the house and out of nowhere I marked a figure getting bigger. It grew bigger, and I figured it as a lady's figure. Soon I found my lungs choking for air.

"AAAAAH I can't believe I am finally meeting you" the figure screamed excited near my ear, hugging me tightly knocking the air out of my lungs.

"Jenny let her go. You are choking her baby" I recognized the voice of Cole and mentally thanked God for sending him for my help.

"Oh my I'm so sorry" the figure finally let me go and I coughed a little inhaling a deep breath.

"I-It's okay" I said feeling little relaxed.

I looked up to find a girl with Black hair and maybe two inches taller than me. She was slim and her skin was fair. Her black eyes matches her hair and the dimples in her cheek made me want to poke it. She was a beautiful woman maybe older than me.

"Hi I a

o be back before three days" he told me and somehow I felt myself missing him and it disturbed me.

"Good stay there. You don't need to come back. It's so peaceful without you here" I spoke and I knew I was lying and somehow I knew that he also knew I was lying.

"Peaceful?" He scoffed and the smile that I had previously grew wide on my lips. I had to bit down on my lips to stop myself from chuckling or laughing.

"So why did you call?" I asked and waited for him to reply.

"Uh I uh Jennifer is back right?" He asked and I knew he didn't call me for that.

"Yes and I met her. She is a sweet person" I told him.

"Listen Aderyn" he began and I layer my full attention to him.

"Don't go out for walking all alone till I come back" he told me and I was ready to give him a piece of my mind but stopped when he continued.

"I know you will not be agreeing up in this but trust me though you are in my kingdom, in my territory it still not safe out there. So take it as a request from me. Don't go outside till I return back. I know you like walking to calm yourself down but wait till I am back" he finished and somehow I felt myself in complete bliss.

Nobody cared for me previously but here everyone is just rotating around me thinking about my protection. As much I loved the feeling, I loathed it as well. I knew it wont last forever but I decided to let it as it is going till I can enjoy it crave it in my mind remembering it to my end.

"Aderyn are you listening?" I heard him speaking.

I nodded not finding my voice but realized he can't see me so I replied with a "humm" telling him that I was listening.

"Be safe Aderyn. I will be back soon" he told me and disconnected the call.

I kept the phone on my night stand and laying down on my bed, a tear escaped my eye thinking that I will surely miss all of this and specially Dylan when I would be out of here.

But the question is "Will he ever miss me?"

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