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Aderyn Pov

"You sure I should be going there?" I asked for the umpteenth time to Cole.

It's been two days since I came to know about all this Supernatural beings and werewolves. Yesterday, my whole day was spent with Bell as she feed me about all the little information about werewolves. I also came to know that Vampires and other creatures are also existing in this earth but they are living peacefully in their community.

I came to know all about mate bonding, mate, in which age they shape shifts, heat, Omegas and even about mating and marking. I felt it really odd about that marking part. It is like to show your head to crocodile taunting it "Do you want to eat my head? Eat it C'mon Eat it yo yo you hit it".

Wow that just formed a lyric for a song.

"Seriously?" my inner self mocked me.

Currently, Cole wants me witness how werewolves train. I don't want to be a intruder though.

"Yes I am Sure Adie. Alpha himself told me to bring you" he replied and I don't know why but I felt myself shivering when I heard the word Alpha. It's been a day since I saw him. As I was just with Bell taking in the information about werewolves, I skipped the walk with him intentionally.

I was just not ready for it. It's just too much to take in that the man with whom I fought so much, got irritated was a werewolf and not only an ordinary werewolf but a King.

How am I supposed to Cope up with that?

But the thought that he wants me to witness their training brought a contagious smile onto my face. It means that I was in his mind these days. He didn't stop thinking about me.

"Of course how can he now that you know about their little secret you dumb ass" my subconscious told me.

I scoffed at her but nevertheless followed Cole wherever he was taking me.

"I seriously don't want to intrude" I told him and watched as he sighed shaking his head at me "You think too much Aderyn!" He replied.

I kept my mouth shut after that and found myself going into the woods. A walked through the pebble stones and large trees and finally we reached an open space. It looked like a big field.

We were not alone their. There were many men and women. Some were aged while some where young. They were warming up. I looked around and found Dylan his back facing me, talking to none other than Lily.

I sighed and marked her cheek which had a cut few days back but now it didn't have a single line of scratch on it. Bell did told me about their he

ining his fingers with mine.

"Now just watch the Training. Aderyn" he said slowly and the way he was looking at me I shuddered and shivered but in a good way.

I did not try to pull away this time. I let him hold my hand and he finally broke the gaze watching the Training.

"You will not join them?" I asked out of the blue.

"They are no match for me" as usual so full of himself I thought hearing his answer and rolled my eyes.

"Why are you always like this?" I asked watching the wolves fighting.

"How am I exactly always?" He asked and a small smile formed on my lips hearing his question.

"Mean, rude, arrogant and " I stopped mid sentence.

"And?" He asked

"Pervert" I completed while he scoffed at me. I chuckled a little watching his reaction.

"Pervert? Oh really what did I do to have such a word coming out of your mouth?" He asked giving me all his attention.

"So now do I have you to remind you what you did last time?" I said recalling about that spank. I squeezed his hand trying to make him remember.

He coughed a little but kept his mouth shut.

"Cat got your tongue?" I asked but corrected myself "Oh sorry! Wolf got your tongue?"

I saw his lips twitching up into a smile and my God he looked so beautiful. He should smile more often.

I found myself following his smile and soon I was smiling too. It had been a long time since I smiled genuinely. I liked this feeling. I loved how I smiled without any fakeness and freely.

I felt myself in bliss.

Dylan was unknowingly giving me a reason to feel myself free and happy. But it did two things to me.

Happy as well as Disturbing.

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