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"Let me go" I cried thrashing around.

"What will we eat if we let you go hu?" Dylan said smiling evilly.

"We are really hungry Adieee" Bell chirped showing me a fork.

"Bell I thought we were friends" I cried trying to set myself free.

"Humans can never be our friends. We can't do friendship with our food. What will we eat to survive then?" Bell began to sharpen the knife she was holding.

"Let me go" I tried to crawl away from the top of the table where I was tied.

"No can do Adie" Blake laughed coming near me.

"It will just take a minute Adie" Cole smirked evilly.

Dylan, Bell, Come and Blake began to surround me and they began to taunt me showing me the knives in their hand. They were going to eat me.

I shouted and screamed until my throat was itching, "No don't eat me no don't eat me. I don't have any meat" I screamed thrashing around.

I found myself shaking and when I came back to my senses I looked around frantically to find myself in my room, sitting on my bed, holding a pillow tightly while Dylan was standing beside the bed, Cole and Blake near the window and Bell was sitting before me.

All their eyes were on me looking at me as if I have two heads attached to my body. I eyed them cautiously and took a deep breath calming myself down. I was just daydreaming.

"Idiot!" my inner self mocked me.

Bell cleared her throat and I watched as her expression changed to a worried one. She reached her hands and touched my arms reassuring me that everything was alright.

"Are you okay?" She whispered with worried eyes.

"Yeah! Yeah I am okay" I found myself replying nodding my head like a robot.

She gave me a small smile and touched my cheek patting it lightly.

"Don't worry. Calm down a bit" she told me to which I only nodded.

"It wasn't how I expected you to find out" I heard Dylan muttering and he rubbed his face with his palms cleanly frustrated.

"Aderyn" Bell began and I gave her my full attention.

"You need to something about us" she spoke and my inner voice stated irritated "No sh*t Sherlock".

I kept my mouth shut though I wanted to say those sarcastic words.

"I know you already have find it out by yourself but whatever you saw there is the half truth. You need to know the full one. I know you must freaking out inside which you are clearly not showing but Adie "she reached for my hand "we will never harm you".

I didn't Knew what to say so I just kept my mouth shut and nodded my head like Noddy.

She sighed and turned to look at Dylan. Dylan shoved his hands into his pant pocket and pursing his lips he nodded towards Bell.

I looked towards Cole and Blake to find them already staring at me. They gave me a small smile to which I returned assuring them that I was alright.

Bell turned towards me and taking a deep breath she spoke in one breath "We are Werewolves".

"I am elephant" I couldn't stop my mouth saying those sarcastic sentence.

She gave me a look and I heard Dylan scoffing at me while Blake and Cole burst out laughing.

"Aderyn can never change" Blake spoke and Cole nodded coughing a little.

"Aderyn this is serious" Bell turned my head towards her using her finger.

"Okay Fine" I held the pillow to my chest and gestured for her to continue.

"Aderyn we are shape shifters, supernatural beings whic

smiling dreamily possibly thinking about his mate.

"Who is she?" I asked

"She is the daughter of an Alpha from a pack. She has gone to them for few days. She will be back soon and you will meet her soon".

I nodded "What will happen after you find your mate?" I asked.

Blake began to cough and he went out of the room giving an excuse.

"You will mate with he-" she was cut off by Dylan.

"That's enough. I think that is enough for today. She will know about all this eventually not at a time" Dylan justified to his interruption.

Bell bit down on her tongue and looked at me giving me a sheepish grin.

"I think Alpha will tell yo-" she was again interrupted by Dylan who spoke warning "Bella".

She stopped mid sentence and I frowned at Dylan for interrupting so much.

"What is your problem? Can't you just keep quiet?" I snapped at him to which he just gave me a sarcastic smile crossing his hands across his chest.

"Bell let's give her some space. She should probably take rest. It is all very new to her. Tell her about us tomorrow. It's very late. Let her sleep" Dylan spoke more like Commanded and gave me glance before turning around and walking out of the room.

Bell sighed and looked at me "I think he is right. You should sleep now".

"She will tell you everything tomorrow"Cole spoke walking towards us and keeping a hand on Bell.

Bell nodded and got up from the bed and made me sleep on my bed. I still couldn't believe everything and I held the pillow more tightly to my chest.

Bell placed a small kiss on my forehead and covered me with the duvet. I gave her a small smile.

Both of them walked towards the door and Bell switched off the light.

"Wait!" I found myself talking.

"Yeah?" Bell asked from the doorway.

"You are not human eaters right?" I asked foolishly and she looked at Cole who shook his head, sighing.

"No we are not" she told me and I laughed incredulously feeling foolish "Haha stupid me" I muttered.

"Good Night Aderyn" Cole spoke smiling.

"Good Night Adie" Bell wished and I replied with a mere whisper when I found myself already feeling sleepy. As soon as my head hit the pillow I slept soundly still thinking all this as a dream.

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