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Lying down on my bed I shivered feeling cold. I got up from my bed and switched off the A.C. I went back to the bed and jumped on it. The bed making a squeaking sound due to my weight.

I flipped on my belly and closed my eyes. I don't know for how many minutes I closed my eyes, but soon I found myself in deep sleep.

Suddenly I found myself somewhere.


What am I doing here?

I looked around to my surrounding and found many trees, shrubs, grasses. Furrowing my eyebrows I thought to walk into the woods. So, I walked into the woods. Everything seemed so blurry. I looked back and saw the place where I walked few minutes ago beginning to turn into water.

"What the?" I muttered not believing my eyes.

I turned around and started to run. I began to run, run and run. My legs began to hurt from running, still I didn't stop. I ran with all my force.

I could hear water in form of waves coming after me. So unreal.

Not paying attention to it, I kept on running wanting to get away. I began to slow down at some extent when I heard a voice. I was panting badly. Sweats were forming on my forehead and I heaved a sigh.

Taking a deep breathe, I looked back and found that there was no longer water or waves but only woods. I exhaled a breathe keeping a hand on my chest to calm my heart.

"Adieee" I heard a familiar voice calling me. Very familiar. My heart beat rose and my eyes widened hearing the voice.

"N-Nancy?" I spoke slowly not able to believe it.

I looked around. My eyes searching for the source of the voice. I looked everywhere and began to run everywhere in the woods.

"Adie" she called again and this time giggling.

"Nancy?" I called tears flowing down my cheeks.

"Nancy is that you? Where are you?" I shouted hoping for her to reply.

When nobody replied I began to run here and there searching everywhere.

"Adie" a voice called from behind me.

I stopped in my tracks and slowly turned around. My eyes widened seeing her. She wore her pink frock and Ballerinas. Her favorite bow band in her hair. She stood few steps away from me smiling at me.

"Adie" she beamed running towards me.

I smiled as the tears continuously fell down my cheeks and I ran to her and cradled her into my arms hugging her with all my love.

"Nancy" I whispered near her ear.

"Adie where were you? I missed you" she told me with her cute childlike voice.

"I miss you too love. I miss you too" I cried hugging her more tight.

She let me go and I loosened my hold on her for a little bit to see her face.

"You look different" she murmured.

I chuckled a little and kissed her palms.

"That's because I'm 22 now. I am no longer 18" I told her and noticed as her face turned into a sad one.

"But I am still five" she murmured and began to walk back.

"Nancy where are you going? Wait!" I tried to touch her but my eyes widened when my fingers couldn't touch her.

"I am still


I crawled back more and found the wolf slowly advancing me.

It took slow steps and finally reached me. I was shivering now with fear seeing the large wolf. I closed my eyes thinking that it possibly will bite me now but when it didn't do anything I opened my slowly only to look directly into its eyes.

It was standing only an inch away from my face and staring deeply into my eyes. I felt calm only by staring into its eyes.

Slowly, I tried to touch it's face but it stepped back away from my hold.

"Wait!" I whispered my voice hoarse.

Tears began to slide down my cheeks and the wolf began to howl seeing me cry. It was like as if it felt pain for me. It didn't like seeing me cry.

Sensing it, I wiped my tears with the back of my hand. The wolf stopped howling and again walked towards me. It came near me and fell on the ground before me.

I tried to touch it but stopped when it kept it's head in my lap. I touched its head and slowly began to care its hair.

It was so soft. I trailed my finger on the tattoo on its forehead. The wolf closed its eye and wiggled its tail a little when I did so.

I smiled a little and using both of my hands, I patted its neck and back.

I was so lost with it that I completely forgot about my family. The pain was long gone and the only thing which brought me peace was the large wolf who was laying before me with it's head on my lap.

I closed my eyes completely finding myself in bliss.

When I opened my eyes, I blinked it few times letting it adjust with the light. I groaned a little and found myself in my bed.

Sitting on my bed I checked the time and wiped the sleep away from my eyes.

"A dream?" I whispered to myself when I recognized that I just saw a dream.

"A Wolf?" I asked myself remembering some parts of my dream.

A small smile appeared on my lips as I touched my family frame.

"I miss you all" I whispered feeling little happy for uncertain reasons.

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