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Dylan Pov

I can swear to God that was all my wolf doing. I was so tired working day and night, that I finally chose to take some rest. My sleep was disturbed by someone knocking on my door.

Groaning, I got up from my bed not caring what I was wearing and opened the door to find Cole's sister standing at my doorstep with a small smile on her face. Then she began to stutter and my mind couldn't register whatever she was talking to me because of the sleep.

A sexy voice made me abruptly come back to my senses. I looked toward the right to find Aderyn standing near the corner wearing short jeans and black tops. She looked hot and so sexy.


"Why couldn't I smell her presence earlier?" I thought to myself and frowned at myself. Wasn't mates suppose to feel and smell each other presence very easily?

The question stayed at the back of my mind and I concentrated on what she was speaking. I found that both of them were going out for shopping. As much as I hate to admit, I dislike her going to shopping alone.

Sure Bell was with her and I knew that Bell like Cole was a brave and strong Warrior but still I couldn't take the risk with her. So I mind linked my two guards asking them to follow them but be in a safe distance away from them.

Like it or not, Aderyn was my responsibility and I will be damned if anything happened to her. So, I agreed and for the first time in my life, I did such a thing which was even shocking for me.

I don't know what got into me but I asked Aderyn to wait and went back into my room and fishing out my Credit Card from my pant pocket I handed it to her. It was just a kind gesture from my side but she took it in a wrong way telling more like screaming at me that at had money and she doesn't need mine but eventually she agreed and took the card.

When it was the time for them to leave, I began to close the door but again for the second time of the day I don't know what got into me but I couldn't stop myself.

I spanked her butt. Her sexy butt was spanked by me and I can't even express how I felt.

First of all, I was glad that I did that then when my brain registered what I did I couldn't believe it.

"You perverted wolf. What the fuck did you do that for?" I snapped at my wolf after closing the door on Aderyn face who was banging at it like a caveman.

"She is my mate. I have every right on her. You weren't advancing so I did it. You have a problem with her but not me" he snapped back.

"Now How the hell am I going to make you

n't you make her strong?" He told me and I gave him my full attention now.

"Make her strong?" I questioned.

"See you are worrying right that you won't be present every time to save her from our enemies?"

I nodded and waited for him to continue.

"Then why don't you reach her at least how to protect herself. In simple words how to fight" he told me and I l of liked the Idea.

"You can at least train her so that she could sad herself. Sure, she is a human she doesn't have that much strength as we and out enemies do but at least she could use her brain at the time of a problem right?" He wiggled his tail waiting for my answer.

"Right" I told him satisfied by his Idea and he howled in my head and jumped enthusiastically.

I arranged everything. I ordered Train a trainer of our warrior wolves to teach Aderyn. I believed upon him and I knew he could easily deal with her.

The only problem left was Aderyn.

I have to make her understand Why in earth she needs to learn fighting. I am really confused. I cursed my fate for giving me a human mate. It would've been so easy if she were a werewolf.

I wouldn't have to make her understand so much. She would've been easily understood and I would've been rejected her without any problem.

"Why did you did this with me Moon Goddess?" I sighed as I leaned against my chair and mind linked Bell asking her to bring Aderyn to my office.

I needed to handle this. The more earlier it is sort out, the more easier it will become for me to reject her.

It is for her own betterment.

As I waited for her, I began to think ideas in my brain which I would be portraying before her for all this training.

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