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I walked with Bell as she bounced up and down excited for the Training session.

"Why are you dressed like that? I thought that the Alpha guy wants only me to train" I asked confused to see her wearing pink tank top with black fit slacks and her black canvas.

"I know but I want to join in too" an said clapping her hands in excitement.

I chuckled seeing her act like a kid but nodded anyways.

Finally, we reached the Gym room and I could hear some noises coming from inside it. Noises of someone punching a Sandbag, noises of shoes making sounds on the floor, noises of shouting or counting numbers.

We barged in through the door and the first thing that I saw was the ring in the middle of the room. There were already two large bulky man wearing shorts and sleeveless tee fighting with each other. Something irked me. The two man while fighting, were making some sounds from their mouth.

Those Sounds were familiar to me. I have heard that sounds from dogs. When I was being trained with dogs, usually they would produce such kinds of sounds when they were angry or pissed.

Why the fuck are they behaving like dogs?

"Okay that's enough" we heard a voice speak and looked around to see a Man with French beard and tattooed arms standing near the ring commanding both of the man to stop.

The two man bowed and instantly jumped out of the ring.

"C'mon let's go" Bell told me sounding restless to go in their.

"Relax Tiger" I told her and we both walked to the center towards the man.

I could feel stares on me. Literally, everyone present in the Gym room stopped doing whatever they were doing and now they were doing only one thing. Eyeing us with confusion evident on their faces.

"That's Luna right?" I heard someone whisper.

"Yes what is she doing here?" Another one spoke.

"Ssh keep quiet. Didn't Alpha told us to b-" his words couldn't reach my ears when I concentrated on the man standing before us.

Gosh! He was so tall. Maybe 6′4 or something. He looked like he could kill anyone with just a snap of his finger. Anybody in my place would've been scared shitless.

I composed myself and gave him a smile. I was absolutely shocked as well as surprised when he returned back the smile of his own and reached for my hand for a handshake.

"Well I shouldn't be judgmental" I reminded myself.

"Hello Luna I am your Trainer" he spoke and I nodded.

"My name is Aderyn not Luna" I corrected him to which he nodded hesitantly eyeing Bell who just shrugged her shoulders.

"Okay Aderyn, you can call me Train. Everyone in here calls me Train as I'm the trainer here" he spoke and I nodded.

"Okay Train you can also call me Adie. Everyone does" I told him and he nodded smiling.

"So Lets get you inside the ring and let's not waste anymore time" he told me and I nodded climbing and jumping inside the ring.


ed looking at me.

"Shit! Don't tell me he heard me" I thought to myself.

He averted his gaze back to Train and began to talk or should I say began instructing him how he should train me.

"Miss Brookes I hope I won't get anymore complaints against you" he spoke to me and with a sarcastic smile I replied "Yes Dad".

He shook his head and turned around announcing "Every one please leave Train and Miss Brookes alone while they are training. I think Miss Brookes is getting uncomfortable with people surrounding her".

Everyone present in the room nodded their head and in no time they were out of the room. Bell too went out leaving me alone with the trainer.

"All the best" Blake shouted from the Door causing me to smile. Cole waved at me and I replied with waving back at him. They both followed Dylan out of the room.

Now, I was alone in the large room with Train. I sighed keeping my hands on my hips. Dylan didn't need to do that. I was fine with people around me and now I'm alone. That creep.

"Miss Brookes?" I heard Train speak and in no time I stopped the punch that he threw at me without any effort, only with one hand.

"I knew it" he muttered while I eyed him seriously, my playfulness long gone.

"These eyes of mine couldn't lie me. I have been in this profession from God knows how long and I can tell only by looking at the person if he or she could fight or not" he told me eyeing my serious face.

"Your PT teacher surely did not teach you how to stop a punch" he asked me suspiciously.

"Damn" I thought to myself. I got caught.

"Thanks to your overconfidence" my inner self mocked me.

"Oh shut up" I retorted back.

I loosened my grip on his fist and let him go.

"That was my reflex action. What are you talking about?" I asked him checking my nails.

"Aderyn who are you?" He asked and I sighed rolling back my shoulders.

"No one interesting".

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