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Aderyn Pov

As I was standing near the window, the cool breeze hitting my face made me feel better. The sweats that were forming on my forehead made me feel cold. I was panting continuously due to the heavy practice I just did.

I looked back and eyed the piece scattered in the floor. Sand everywhere. The thing which was previously called a Sandbag was scattered into pieces by none other but me. It wasn't new to me. That was the reason why I brought more than one sandbags. I looked down at my gloves and got rid of it.

I cannot practice in my room. I need a big place. Somewhere bigger and open space. I have to clean all this mess now.

It took me some minutes and finally I was done cleaning the room. Folding the already of no use sandbag, I kept it into a bag that I had. I will dispose it later.

I had been practicing since last two hours. Now I am hungry and sweaty.

I took a long shower and wrapped up my hair with a towel. I wore a black bathrobe and went out of my bathroom to my room.

I was just about to walk into my walk in closet when my eyes felt on the open drawer. I remember closing it before going for a bath. With furrowed eyebrows, I went there and checked the medicines, stuffs messily scattered. It wasn't how I kept things. I believed upon disciplinary and hence my things were always clean and neat, kept in right place.

"Bell" I spoke feeling a presence behind me.

"Ahhhh" she screamed and with an amused smile I turned around to find her holding an ointment and her another hand clutching her chest, her eyes widened.

"Ho- How did you know?" She stuttered asking me her question.

I shrugged my shoulders and with a serious look told her pointing towards the draw "clean it".

She gave me a sheepish grin but nodded and walked to the drawer arranging the things back in its place.

I glanced her way and turned around walking inside the walk in closet. I chose to wear a slacks today with long sleeves and baggy Brown shirt. My hair was damp so I left it open to let it dry on its own.

"Alpha wants to see you" she spoke out of nowhere.

"What for?" I snapped. I hated hearing anything about him.

"I don't know"she shrugged her shoulders.

"No wait! Tell me how

I wanted to ask but he never pushed.

"Take her to the Gym room after Thirty minutes" Dylan spoke more like ordered Bell and she nodded.

"Miss Brookes you can wear something uh you know appropriate for the training" though I wanted to roll my eyes I nodded.

"That's all" he said and we both got up from our seats and began to exit.

"Aderyn" he called and I looked back at him surprised.

"Uh Don't wear anything revealing or which would show skin" he said giving me a warning look.

Bell chuckled beside me and I began to thought what is his problem if I wear anything revealing.

I gave him a half smile and walked out of his room. Man I had to train now. What in the world does everyone in here have the problem with me?

Sighing, I walked back to my room and went through every cloth that was appropriate. I am not doing this because Dylan asked me but the fact that I wanted a bigger room for practice. There is profit in this. I will be practicing with the trainers that means the best hence I will be improvising more.

Generally I never wore revealing clothes hence I don't even have any. So, I decided to wear a half sleeve black camisole and above it a black tank top. I matched it with a Pink fit sports slacks and slipped on my shoes. I made pleats in my hair and tied it back so, that it wouldn't disturb me while training.

I checked myself on the mirror and found myself ready. With a satisfactory smile I waited for Bell to take me to this Gym room.

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