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"What did you just say?" I asked narrowing my eyes.

"What did I say?" Dylan replied quietly eating his Chicken pasta acting innocent.

I was sure that I heard him speak "She is a Virgin, I can smell it" to Blake.

"You see I'm not deaf here, do you understand" I said through gritted teeth.

I was shocked on the matter that how did he know me being a Virgin? and what in the world does he mean by the statement "I can smell it"?

I will surely go insane if I stay here any longer. Just three weeks more and then I will be out of here. I will be living my life as I was living earlier, travelling, having fun. Sure, I will miss Bell, Blake and Cole and I have decided to stay in contact with them.

They have become very close to me in this short period of time so, I have decided to stay in contact with them. But not with Dylan. I will never miss him nor will I stay in contact with him.

"Just eat your thing and stop irritating me" he said irritated.

The nerve of him. He is getting me irritated here and he is saying that I am irritating him.

"I'm irritating you? You are the one who is irritating me. Can't you just do your work ignoring me or talking about me" I said glaring at him.

"I will do whatever I want. I will talk about you if I want" he said with a smug look on his face.

"I will slap you if I hear any more word about me" I warned him and watched him as he narrowed his eyes towards me.

"Oh really?" He dared.

"Try me" I said crossing my arms around my chest giving him a innocent smile. I rubbed my palms showing him that they were itching to slap his face.

He glared at me but nevertheless chose to keep quiet. Finally I ate my breakfast in silence and got up from the chair walking out of the room with Bell following me.

"Bell I need to tell you something" I said in a monotone. I wanted to tell her that I was here only for a month.

"Yeah?" She asked but I shooked my head negatively. Maybe I will tell her later.

"Ah nothing important" I told her and she nodded.

"Why is Dylan like this?" I asked her and noticed her visibly gulping.

"Uh it's becaus-" she was cut off by a giggling sound.

I raised my eyebrow and looked everywhere. I found a girl hiding behind a table, peeping her head out and giggling at me.

"Hello Little one" I said bending down and smiling at her.

She walked out of her hidden place and walked to me. She gestured me to bent down t

re you sitting alone Ry- uh Buddy?" I chose to use Buddy instead of his name.

"Because I can't walk" he murmured looking down to his bandaged leg.

"What happened to your leg?" I asked him but Bell intruded answering the question for him.

"Uh his Dad saved him from wolves. It was done by a wild wolf" she spoke sadly and I nodded taking in her words.

Sure there maybe wolves around here because this house is situated surrounded by woods after all.

"And where is his Father?" I asked her to which she gave me a sad look.

"He died saving him" she told me and immediately my heart ached hearing this. I felt pain and sadness flowing through my veins. I felt a connection towards the little guy.

"Ryan" our heads turned around upon hearing someone call his name.

"Sophia" Bell smiled at the Brunette lady who smiled back at her.

"Lu- I mean Ms. Brookes" she smiled addressing me. I smiled back at her and got up shaking my hand with her "Please call me Aderyn or Adie" I told her to which she hesitantly nodded.

"Ryan baby let's go back to our room?" The lady whose name was Sophia asked Ryan to which he nodded saying "Yes Mom".

She cradled up Ryan into her arms and gave me a smile. I bid Goodbye to both of them and they went away out from the room.

"I feel bad" I whispered and as if Bell heard me she nodded her head agreeing with me.

In my room, I changed my dress into my vest and Spandex. I tied my hair into a ponytail and sat on the floor meditating for some hours.

I needed some peace for my mind. Meditation was the perfect way to gain peace and that's what I was doing.

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