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Aderyn POV

I groaned when I found my phone beeping loudly. Stretching my hand I took from the phone stand and checked to find a text notification.

The text message was as usually from an unknown number and it read "Next round will be held next month. Be there. It's a really big one".

I deleted the message and sat on the bed, leaning against the headboard.

What a tremendous life I had.

I cursed my fate for giving me such a life but at the same I'm glad that I am living such a beautiful life. I looked towards my left side of the bed to see my family photo and reached for it.

"I miss you Mom, Dad and Nancy. I wish to see you soon" I murmured and placed a kiss on the photo frame and with a last glance, I kept it aside.

Getting up from the bed, I made the bed and went inside the bathroom to do my business. I took a long shower because I don't have any work to do, and applied shampoo in my hair. Wrapping a towel around myself, I stood in front of the mirror and using my palm, I gently cleaned away the fog that was formed in the mirror.

"Hmm I need a haircut" I whispered taking a lock of wet hair in my fingers and flipping it backwards.

Wrapping a towel in my hair, I went out of the room and walked into my walk in closet. I chose to wear a black ripped jeans with black cowl neck top with long sleeves. After my hair was dry, I tied a neat ponytail and applied some moisturizer to my face and gloss to my lips.

Slipping into my shoes, I took my Card, phone and went out of the room.

Bell and I were suppose to go out today for the first time of this place. I wasn't excited at all. Because I'm not a kid. Moreover I'm going with her because I needed to buy something and I hope wherever she took me, the things should be available there.

"Hey Adie" She greeted when she found me standing in the hallways.

"Hi" I replied.

I see her wearing a floral dress which reached her mid thigh and a shrug upon it. She was wearing boots and hair was as usual tied up.

"You look Good" I said and she smiled replying "You too".

"Now let's go" I said and turned around to leave but stopped when she said "wait! wait".

"What now?"

"Uh we need to go to the Alpha first".


"Yeah. He needs to know where we are".

"What nonsense. Now we need permission to go out?"

"Uh no just he needs to know where we are. It's for safety".

"Okay fine" I muttered and inwardly spoke "Safety my ass".

We went to his room.

"Why are we going to his room? He must be in his office right at this time of the day?" I asked confused.

I have never been to his room and I am not even interested to pay a visit on this lovely day. If anything I will get seeing him, then it's irritation and headache.

"No he worked late at night yesterday so he is resting in his room now" at said and gave me a small smile to which I returned a small smile of mine.

Reaching his room, Bell knocked at his door while I chose to stand five foot away from his room. Bell can tell him where we were going. I am just not interested. So I took out my phone and clicked on every notification I had deleting it after I read it.

The door opened but I did not bother to look up.

"What is it?" He asked his voice husky. Probably for the fact that he was sleeping.

"Uh I'm here because" again with the stuttering thing. What is wrong with Bell? She stutters a lot.

I sighed and dared to look up only to find the reason why Bell was stuttering. There stood with a body of an Abercrombie Model Dylan with no shirts and only with a Basket ball shorts that hunged low in his waist.

"Idiot" I muttered and that was when his eyes fell on me and it widened for a few seconds and then it went back to its normal size and then the nerve of him.

He was checking me out. A smirk formed on his lips and he licked his lips eyeing me everywhere. He stare burning holes wherever he looked.

I walked to him and stood next to where Bell was standing and crossed my hands over my chest.

"Eyes up here Mister" I snapped and he looked up and tried to compose himself.

"Pervert" I inwardly thought to which my inner voice replied " Yeah a Sexy pervert".

"Now don't you dare start on this" I snapped at her and she shut her mouth.

"We are going out" I said in a monotone.

"Where?" He asked and I was just about to give him a piece of my mind when Bell held my arm stopping me from speaking.

"To the wings Alpha. We are going for shopping and Adie also needs to buy something" She said and this time she did not stutter much to my relief.

"Shopping?" He asked an

ell who was stuttered again and handed them our bags.

"Hey! What are you doing?" I asked confused upon why she was giving our bags to them.

"Alpha send them to us to carry our bags" she whispered smiling at me.

"What?" I asked "Does he do that for every girl in the house?" I asked crossing my hands over my chest.

"No only for yo-" she stopped mid sentence, her eyes wide.

"What did you just say?" I asked narrowing my eyes.

"No nothing. Let's eat uh you must be hungry" she said changing the topic.

I nodded not trying to ask her anything else. I was hungry.

The guys whose name I came to know as Jeff and Billy went away with our bags. I tried to stop them and asked them to join us for eating but they denied saying that they have works to do and they went away with our bags.

"So what do you want to order?" She asked and I want through the menu.

I ordered everything that I found interesting while the waiter scribbled it down in his notepad eyeing me all the while like I was an Alien.

"Wow! For a human you eat a lot" Bell said her eyes twinkling.

"Excuse me?" I questioned daring her to say anything upon my eating habits.

She bit back a smile and chose to keep quiet.

"But what did she mean by for a human? Isn't she a human?" My inner voice asked and I eyed her while she was going through the menu.

"May be she isn't" I whispered and she looked up at me with a raised eyebrow and I smiled to which she returned of her own.

After eating, we stayed for some more hours in the mall and then we walked back through the same way from where we came and finally we reached the house.

I found my bags along with the bags which were from the other shop on my bed. I kept the things in my closet and jumped on my bed closing my eyes for some minutes.

"From Tomorrow" I whispered to myself.

Something poked my butt from my pant pocket and I took it out finding the card which Dylan gave me. I mentally made a note to return it to him in the evening.

In the evening, when I was walking, Dylan joined me after ten minutes I being late. I stared at him and pursed my lips as usually not saying anything we continued to walk in silence.

That was when I reminded myself of the card and I stopped in my track fishing out the card from my pant pocket.

"Here" I said giving me the card.

"Did you use it?" He asked and I shooked my head negatively making him sigh.

"Didn't I gave you this and told you to us-" I cut him off saying "I have my own money and I don't need your card so please next time don't offer me your money" I replied curtly and with a tone "speak no nonsense to me".

He shooked his head muttering something under his breath and shoved the card inside his pocket.

We walked back to the house and we were met by Cole and Blake in the way.

"Hi" they greeted watching me confusedly with their Alpha.

"Hey!" I replied and watched as Dylan just gave them a nod.

Rolling my eyes, I excused myself while they continued talking and made my way back to my room.

What a day I had.

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