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Dylan Pov

Whatever I did was wrong. Totally wrong. I shouldn't have done that. How could I do that?

I just couldn't control myself. She was talking to someone and the way she spoke to the person in her phone was like as if she was trying to hide something.

I should've stopped myself. How could I do that?

I went to such extent of hurting my own mate. It was wrong of me totally wrong. Racking a hand throw my hair I inhaled deeply and sat on my chair. I sighed leaned against the headrest of the chair closing my eyes.

The scene where I gripped her neck tightly flashed before my eyes and I jerked up from my seat. Throwing the papers and everything that was in my desk I walked towards the glass window and leaned against it closing my eyes.

"It was wrong. So wrong of me" I muttered to myself. My heart aching at the fact that I was the one who did that. My wolf angry upon me for committing such a crime.

Opening my eyes, I looked out of the glass to see the trees already shedding their leaves. It was the time of spring. I loved spring season. I watched silently towards the tress which were shedding their leaves on the ground.

It was just when I noticed a figure walking towards the forest. My wolf began to beg me to go to her and that is what I did. I didn't went to her because of my wolf. I went their because of my heart. I wanted to make sure she was alright. She was a human after all. She would've broke down after that.

Somehow, I found myself taking long strides and even running out of the house, my eyes searching for her. I followed her scent and soon found her walking into the forest. I stopped in my track and began to think how to approach her.

"Should I say sorry" I muttered and heard my wolf snapping at me "off course you fool. Go and apologize".

Taking a deep breath I took a step but stopped when unintentionally I stood on a bunch of dried twig. The sound of the twig breaking under my foot was so loud that even a human could hear that in such a silent forest and I doubt


Her breathing started to rise and then only I noticed a small bottle which was kept on the table beside her bed.

Frowning I took the bottle into my hands and read the label to find it as the sleeping tablets.

I scowled reading the label.

"Sleeping Pills?" I whispered and eyes Aderyn who was still sleeping with uneven breathing.

"Why do you need sleeping pills?" I asked her knowing that she couldn't hear me.

My eyes fell on her neck and I clenched my palms into balls seeing the bruises. It was caused by me. I should have been careful. This was the reason why I stayed away from her.

Lifting my hand I trailed my finger on her bruise wishing it to fade away. My fingers tingling due to the mate bond.

Her skin was so soft and flawless.

I watched as her breathing began to even and instantly I knew the answer to that.

The mate Bonding.

My touch was soothing her. Her breathing returned to normal and she snuggled more into the pillow. Sighing, I got up from my place and covered her using the duvet.

With one last glance towards her way, I switched off the lights and exited her room closing the door behind me.

The question was still lingering in my mind "Why does she need sleeping pills to sleep?"

I made my way back to my room and lying in my bed I tried to shut myself down to rest, to sleep.

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