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Aderyn Pov

It's been three weeks since I've staying here and to say I'm liking it is really something new. Never had I grown attached to people so easily as I have been now.

Bell has managed to grow closer to me in this story period of time and the most funny part is that I've been taken care by the people who were living here. I liked that feeling though where you find yourself important. Apart from all this, only two people have managed to irritate me.

First is that Blonde Chic Lilly and second one is the bastard, Dylan.

I don't know what problem he had from me but every time I met he would give me his cold shoulder treatment and he even scolds me taunting me I'm a kid and weak what not.

I'm tired of this two. The problem is Lily likes Dylan, at least that is what I heard till now. So, I don't understand where the problem lies. Lily likes Dylan. Dylan likes his work and people. His people liked me.

What a strange triangle.

"Do you know why buildings can't jump?" Blake asked me playing his video game.

I scratched my chin thinking and then grinned finding the answe "Because buildings aren't Kangaroo" I screamed making him laugh and we both did the hi-fi. Then burst out laughing.

"What nonsense" I heard Dylan mutter as he went past the living room towards his room. I still don't get it, How could he hear whatever we were talking from such a large distance.

"Don't mind him. He is always like that. Grumpy" Blake whispered and I muttered "Like a grumpy old man".

We burst out laughing. We were really Idiots. We both were habituated of Lame jokes and worst to worry jokes would made us cry from laughing hard. Everyone finds this weird but who cares to what they think.

"Where is Bell?" I asked him sitting next to him.

He shrugged his shoulder in response and continued playing. I haven't seen her from last two days. I wonder what she was doing.

I got up from my place and went out of the room leaving Blake alone. I was walking towards the hallway when my phone rang. I took it out from my pant pockets and looked at the caller screen to find an unknown number flashing.

"What is it?" I asked to the person in the phone.

"Just called to remind you abou-" he began but I cut him off saying "I know. You don't need to remind me and don't call me ever. Didn't I told you earlier not to call me?" I snapped and heard him sighing.

"Listen you don't need to snap at me. I'm just doing my work" he finished and with that I hung up on him disconnecting the line.

"Moron" I whispered shoving the phone back into my pant pocket.

I began to walk but stopped dead in my tracks when I heard a voice speaking "Who shouldn't call you?"

I turned around to find Dylan Standing near the door eyeing me suspiciously.

"You were listening to my conversation?" I asked my voice dead.

"Who was he?" He asked again as he began to walk towards me. I remained glued to the position my expression neutral.

"It's none of your business" I spat and watched as his demeanor began to change as quickly I said that. He began to shake violently while his hands were balled into a fist. Anger began to radiate from his body as he watched me like I have done some crime.

"Don't talk to me like that" I growled yes growled like a dog. I watched silently as he fought against himself trying to get into control.

"I will talk however I want and don't you dare spy on me next time" I sna

my childhood to go for a walk every evening. It would calm my mind down.

I walked out of the house and made my way towards the same path which I took everyday. It was a forest area which was covered with big trees which were now shedding their leaves. Yellow leaves fell on the ground covering the ground like a bed sheet. I walked on the leaves. A beautiful view to see as the sun rays fell on the leaves making it look gold.

I remember how sometimes my dad would join me for walking. He would talk about his day and together we would walk holding hands.

I was walking for I don't know from how many minutes but suddenly stopped dead in my tracks when I heard a voice of twigs breaking. I turned around to see nobody around but I was trained better to believe my ears than my eyes.

"I know you are there. So whoever you are just come out. There is no point of hiding" I said and waited for the person to come out.

I was sure my eyes would have flied out my socket seeing the person.


He came out from behind a tree and I watched as he pursed his leaves shoving his hands into his jacket pockets.

I composed myself and raised an eyebrow waiting for him to say something.

"Now he had started to stalk you after eavesdropping you" I thought to myself and mentally rolled my eyes.

"Are you going to say something?" I asked waiting for him to speak.

"Just wanted to go for a walk" he spoke and I watched him accusingly. Before I could scream or throw questions his direction he walked past me towards the way where I was going beforehand.

I stood their watching his retreating back shocked by his attitude.

"This man is seriously something" I muttered and sighed zipping up my jacket.

"How long are you planning to stand there?" He spoke and I looked towards his direction finding him already looking at me.

"Is he planning me to join him?" I muttered and to my shock he heard me from such a distance because he simply said "Isn't it obvious?"

I stared at him for some minutes but nevertheless walked to him and silently we began to walk.

We never spoke to each other. There was a comforting silence around us and we walked enjoying each other's company.

"Well this is new" my inner voice spoke to which I replied "New and interesting".

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