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Dylan Pov

As I headed towards my office, I mind linked Bell asking her to take Brookes down for breakfast. The news of her presence in my house and she was the Luna spread like a fire in a forest. Every single werewolf has came to know about her being the queen within a day.

I can't blame anyone though. Aderyn has this aura around her which makes a werewolf bow before her. She is mated to a werewolf king after all which makes her the Queen of Werewolf.

Though She is beautiful but the most important part for me is her being a human. Humans don't have any comparison to werewolves in any sense. Werewolves are way much stronger than Human in the field of strength, power, life span and even intelligence.

Being mated to a Human means responsibility. Humans are not supposed to know about werewolves and as I have been mated to a Human I've to take care of her and her life as she is my other half. But this becomes really tough for me for her being a human.

She stands no chance against werewolves and my enemies. Being the king, I have to take care of my kingdom and my people but still I do have enemies, who will do anything to cause hamper and harm my title. As they never got the opportunity to harm me because of my special abilities they will now get a chance to harm my Kingdom using my soulmate, Aderyn Brookes.

I never wanted a mate. No, I don't think that a mate will be the reason of my weakness but I'm in my own problems now. I had a terrible past.

My family.

My eye watered thinking about them. My only family died before my eyes when I was only Thirteen years old. They were killed by our enemies before my own eyes. My father who was the King and my mother, the Luna Queen were killed by our enemies who used a potion which was made by a powerful Witch very cunningly.

That potion ceased my father's abilities as well as my mother's abilities making them as weak as a Human, hence they died when they were stabbed using a Silver Dagger.

I was saved by my Father's beta who managed me to take me away with him to a safe space. During those days, when we were away from the Kingdom we came to know about that the Kingdom was running down by our enemies. They wanted to clear werewolves existence from this earth.

I was burning with revenge. Revenge for my family's death. Revenge for my people. Revenge for my Kingdom. Hence, soon enough when I changed into a werewolf for the first time, I came to know about my abilities. My father's beta started to teach me. He taught me how to fight, use my abilities and taught

nk messages I got. This was impossible.

It is a impossible thing. It is like she wasn't thinking anything. I got everything blank. How can anyone not think.

Soon I began to have a headache. I wanted to ask her what was going inside her mind. I wanted to scream at her on why I wasn't able to read her. Who was she?

This was a new thing to me. I never experienced incapability of using my own powers. I felt weak. My head began to pound which made my anger to surface.

Not wanting to create a scene, I went away from the hall to my room.

"What's is wrong with me" I screamed frustrated holding my throbbing head.

I punched the wall making a hole on the solid surface frustrated.

"Who are you Aderyn Brookes?" I asked myself mentally.

Soon the scenes with her from the beginning flashed through my eyes. Now when I come to think of it I'm finding it really weird. Her eyes are dull most of the time when I talked to her. I found her heartbeat fasten though she seemed calm and reservative. Every time she smiled, it didn't reach her eyes which means she faked smiling.

She seems to be a woman filled with secrets. But what secrets? What lies behind her fake smile? She seems confident all of the time and it is really strange for a Human and that also a girl not to freak out finding herself kidnapped and in a strange place. It looks like she doesn't fear anyone.

The more I think of her, the more I wanted to know her.

Without me knowing she has managed to jab my mind.

"What are you Aderyn Brookes?" I questioned sliding against the wall and sitting on the floor. My mind drifted back to the Enigmatic Woman who had my attention and managed to invade my mind in all ways.

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