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I opened my eyes and was met with two pairs of shocked eyes looking at me. I glared at them which made them recover quickly out of their state, but they looked at each other like they can talk through their minds.

I took my hands and folded them under my head and folded my leg upon the other and gave them a smile.

They saw my position and I was sure that their eyes were going to pop out of their sockets.

They didn't expect such a kind of gesture from their hostage, and also from a girl. They thought I was going to freak out or try to escape which I will definitely do later.

One of them cleared his throat and said, "Hey I'm uh Blake"

Then the other one said, "Hi I'm Cole".

I gave them a look and jumped out of the bed making them take a step back in surprise. Then I started to walk towards the door.

"Hey where are you going? You can't leave this room wait!"

I was already out of the room walking to God knows where. They soon joined me and began their babbling.

"You can't go here, you can't go there"

Blah, blah, blah.

I thought I was going to be in some type of warehouse or something but I guess this is a different type of kidnapping.

It's a big house.

A very big house, somehow close to a mansion.

Why would they Kidnap me?

When I was walking, both of them stopped and began to quarrel with each other. I sped up and took a left turn.

Soon after checking so many rooms including interfering some couples intimate moments, I got to the room I was searching for.

The Kitchen room.

I went inside the room and opened the refrigerator to find heavy amount of food and mainly packaged meat.

No wonder there are so many people in this house.

I took a coke and began to drink it, when both of them entered the Kitchen.

"Hey what are you doing here? You are not allowed to leave your Room", Blake stated making me choke on my coke.


"I don't need anybody's permission to do anything and what do you mean by what am I'm doing here? Can't you see its a Kitchen and I'm hungry so I'm eating your food" I stated the obvious.

"Why a- are you not afraid of us? we literally Kidnapped you." Cole said looking at me curiously.

"Why should I? If you wanted to hurt me or kill me you already had done it right?" I asked raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah we won't hurt you" Blake said cautiously.

"So, if you didn't kidnap me to kill me or to hurt me, then why did you kidnap me because let me tell you all that you can't demand money in return of me to anyone. There is no one there as my family, and if you have kidnapped me for some other reason then spill it out and quick" I said looking at them seriously in their eyes.

"Listen- there is a reason why we kidnapped you and you will know it soon, but until then you have to stay here, and we promise that nobody will hurt you here" Cole said his eyes pleading.

"Please, it's a request" Blake added.

I sipped from the coke and thought about it.

If I wasn't here, I would have been in Las Vegas and in some hotel or motel wasting my money.

Why not stay here?

It's a big place and I can live here freely for days.

It's not like that I'm afraid of them hurting me because I can take care of myself.

Hmmm, ok.

"Okay then", I said making them grin.

"Thank You Luna", they said in unison.

"Luna?" I asked confused.

"My name is Aderyn Brookes, call me Adie" I said smiling.

They looked at each other then said beaming "ok Adie".

"Now where is blush?" I asked narrowing my eyes.

"Blush?" Cole asked.

"My car Blush, where is it?" I asked again.

"You mean that Audi A3 Cabriolet?" Blake asked, excitement evident in his voice.

"Yes that Audi A3 Cabriolet, her name is Jeena" I mocked him.

"It's in our garage and your bag which we found in that car is in your room which you were 15 minutes ago" Cole said nonchalant.

"Come on now let's go" Blake added.

"Go where?" I asked puzzled.

"To the alpha" Blake said and got a smack to the head by Cole.

"Okay then let's go" I said excited to find out more about the place.

We went through the corridor and took the stairs to the second floor. Finally we reached a big wooden door and knocked on it.

"Come in" said a husky voice sending shivers down my body.

I looked at Cole and Blake who were

already giving me a knowing look as if they knew what happened when I heard that voice.

This is really a weird place.

Cole turned the knob and opened the door. Cole entered the room and Blake entered after him. I shrugged my shoulders and followed them in.

I looked inside the room to see it's an office. Complete with Bookcases, a couch, a desk, a mini fridge and a big glass window.

I was so engrossed in looking at the interior of the room that I didn't notice them looking at me.

When I did, I noticed the man behind the large desk. He was the same guy whom I met back at that diner.

He was wearing a black leather jacket underneath a white shirt and black denim jeans.

He was actually really handsome.

With the veins popped out on his hands I knew that he workouts a lot.

"Are you done drooling at me?" He asked with a narrow gaze.

Woah! Arrogant asshole.

"Don't flatter yourself" I said making his eyes wide.

I guess he never expected such comeback from me.

Blake and Cole choked on air and I smirked at him. His Forest green eyes turned to black and I was totally shocked at seeing such things which isn't possible for a human to do.

"Don't talk to me like that" he growled, yes growled like a dog and his voice was wildly, husky, and dead.

I kept my face stoic. Cole and Blake came in front of me blocking him from my view.

After some time, they sidestepped and went near the guy, standing behind him.

The guy sat down on his chair and closed his eyes. He opened them again, and his eyes changed back to its original green color.

He gestured me to take a seat before him. I went there and sat on the chair and leaned on it.

"What's your name?" He blurted out all of sudden.

"Me?" I asked with an amused face, Pointing a finger towards myself.

"Yes you who else?" He said annoyed.

"Why? Are you going to marry me?" I said, and kept my elbows on his desk placing my face on it mocking him.

Cole and Blake gave an amused look while the guy before me looked at me irritated.

"Tell.Me.Your.Name" he said enunciating each word.

"Okay" I said, and leaned back not saying anything.

"SPEAK!" He snapped, his voice booming in the room.

Cole and Blake looked tense and gave me a pleasing look, telling me to tell him my name.

I inserted my fingers inside my ears and shook it dramatically.

"Woah what got into your pants? No need to snap" I said, him clenching his fists and banging it on the table.

I could hear a crack sound coming from the table.

Woah did he break the table?

How it can be possible?

Nevertheless I gave him an unaffected expression and smiled at him battling my eyelashes innocently.

He seemed to be more angry. He opened his mouth to speak but stopped when I cut him off

"Tell me your name first then I will tell mine" I said inspecting my nails.

He raised an eyebrow and leaned back on his chair crossing his arms on his chest.

"Fine! It's Dylan Black Bishop".

"Aderyn Brookes" I replied.

He nodded his head and stood up. I followed his action and stood before him. He was really tall, his height intimidating mine.

"Miss Brookes I know you have a lot of questions going on inside your mind, but I guess as they have already said you are going to stay here for awhile. As much as I hate the Idea, I'm letting you stay here only because of my people" he said and crossed his arms.

I followed his action.

"Your people?" I raised an eyebrow making him to look back at Cole and Blake who just smiled at him nervously.

"And what if I don't want to stay?" I asked making him to look back at me.

"This is my land Miss Brookes and people will only follow my order. So as long as you are here you will have to follow my orders. Am I clear?" He said arrogantly.

I smirked and leaned towards him "I don't give a Damn to what people do or not. I am a person of my own, and I won't follow any of your stupid rules as long as I'm here. Am I clear?" I said, smirking when I saw him getting angry.

I turned on my heels and walked out of the room but not before turning back at him and saying "Don't worry, as long as I'm staying here and need any help in the future I WON'T ASK YOU" Flipping my hair walking out of the room.

Blake and Cole's laughter erupted from the room.


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