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It had been 15 minutes since I left that diner and I'm still thinking about that dude with the forest green eyes.

"Why, why, why?" I said, hitting the steering wheel in frustration.

This never happened to me ever, so why now?

Why am I thinking about a random guy whom I don't even know?


When i averted my gaze to my rear view mirror, I noticed a car that has been following me since I left the Diner. I averted blush to the left side of the road to let them overtake me but they didn't, instead they also averted their car to the left following me.

What the hell?

I again averted Jeena to the right wanting them to overtake me but they again, followed me.

Okay, now they are getting on my nerves.

I pushed hard on the accelerator and sped up Jeena. They also sped up following me.

Damn it, why are they following me?

I pushed hard on the accelerator and sped up more fast and soon I lost their car from my sight.

I smirked. No match for my Jeena!

I could see a driveway 1 km away from where I'm driving, and soon I'm on that driveway driving my Blush when suddenly, a car came out of the woods that was sideways in the driveway.

That car was the car that was following me.

Damn it, should have known!

They took a shortcut.

Wait they know about shortcuts. That means they are familiar to this place where as I don't know a thing except my GPS showing me where I'm going.

I'm in trouble I guess.

Before I knew it, the car overtook me and suddenly stopped right before me. It caused me to push on the brakes hard, the car stopping with a screeching sound, making me bend forwards.

Thank god the seat-belts are on, or else I would have flown out of my car like Superman, or more like a Superwoman.


Not the right time to joke.

I got out of my car and began to yell.

"What the hell man, You want to die, fine. But i don't plan on dying soon".

Two well built men got out of the car, and I remembered they were the dudes standing behind that forest green eyed dude.

"What the hell, You two", I pointed my finger towards them.

"Aren't you two the dudes back from that diner"?

One the dudes with black hair rubbed the back of his neck with his hands and nodded.

They looked at each other and nodded and before i could ask what was going on and why they were following me, i felt a sharp pain on my right thigh and saw a tranquilizer.

A what? And before I could faint, I heard a mere "Forgive us Luna."

Who is Luna?

I slowly drifted to sleep thinking of the possibilities of what is going to happen to me.

I felt myself being lifted bridal style and placed on a soft thing then, heard the engine of the car igniting and a man yelling.

"Hell yeah! I'm riding that beauty".

"Which beauty"? I thought.

Even in a tranquilized state, I could hear them but am not able to open my eyes.

Shit are they talking about my Jeena?

If anything happens to her I'm going to make their lives a living hell and I mean it.

I could feel air hitting my face which means we were in a moving car.

I needed to know where I'm going in order to escape. Though I can't open my eyes, i st

ill know what's going on, but only because of my training.

I focused on my heartbeat, and began to count my heartbeat. I would count again from the beginning if I could feel the car turning left or right.

Soon the car came to a halt, and I inwardly made an imaginary map in my mind which i knew was going to help me soon or later.

I could hear the screeching sounds of a gate opening and again, the car moved.

Okay, Okay you can do this. Calm down and just focus on counting.

The car again came to a halt, and I found myself being lifted by a muscular arm.

Whoever this man is better not drop me.

I again began counting my heartbeat.

I felt turning again so I counted from the beginning


The sound of a knob turning.

The door opening.

Sounds of footsteps.

I marked everything and suddenly I was put down on a soft thing.

I guess a mattress or bed.

Why would someone kidnap someone and make them lie in a comfortable bed, in place of a dungeon or a concrete floor.

No sound of chains or handcuffs

So I guess I am not chained or tied down.

Strange, kidnappers.

I heard footsteps, a knob turning and a door opening.

Judging from the footsteps there were three people.

I could feel a presence hovering above me from the bedside or mattress whatever it is, and someone sniffing.

What the hell? sniffing. Someone is sniffing me?

Like a dog?

Then someone inhaling deeply.

"She Shouldn't be here, damn it. She doesn't belong here".

I heard a masculine voice which made tingles run down my spine, but in a good way.


"Alpha, But we need her." I heard another man speak.

"No" the man whose name is Alpha i guess yelled.

"Look at her. She is no match for me. She is pathetic. How can someone make someone like her my pair?"

Ouch. Was that directed towards me?

Why do i feel hurt listening to it?

"Alpha please try to understand. As much as you try to deny it, she is your other half and as much you need her, the pack also needs her."

"Fine, do whatever you want. Keep her, throw her, I don't care. Just make sure you keep her away from me."

With that i heard footsteps which meant the Alpha guy was going.

The Door opened and the sounds of footsteps stopped.


The alpha dudes voice boomed, leaving no space for no. I could already imagine the other dudes nodding in fear.

"She is weak", He said and left.

I felt anger boiling within me hearing that last statement.

I don't like people judging me.

Forcing myself, I pushed myself to regain consciousness.

Anger is making me regain consciousness.

I pushed myself harder

"Look, I think I saw her fingers twitching." One of the two men spoke.

"Impossible. I shot her a high dosage. She shouldn't be regaining consciousness for up to 3-4 hours", Another guy spoke.

I tried again and this time I forced myself more. Soon I could feel my eyes opening and were soon met with brown and blue eyes.

"Impossible" they both whispered at same time.

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