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"So, What do you think about the Deal?" asked Mr. Whitmore nervously.

I swirled the paper weight around the table and stopped it with my index finger, giving an Icy glare to a man named James Whitmore who was standing in front of me.

I heard him audibly gulping which isn't new to me because people get nervous around me. My glare makes them think the ground will swallow them.

I am Dylan Black Bishop, a multi billionaire and the most powerful and feared Man alive. I am also a Werewolf and the heir of a Royal Family which makes me the Werewolf king.

I have this aura which scares werewolves and makes humans pee their pants. I am 6"2 and 24 years old. I have forest green eyes and black hair.

I am the King, therefore making every Alpha of different packs bow to me and fear me. I am mostly known for my Ruthless behavior. People call me Beast.

Today I have come to Las Vegas to Buy a company. Being in the human world, my Identity is that I am a multi billionaire business tycoon. My werewolf identity remains hidden from the human world So I have to hide my werewolf king's Aura.

People can sense my power still and get nervous or scared around me. I even have special powers. I can look into people's brains and know about their past and history. I can even read people's minds showing me what they think. I have many more powers.

Right now I want to buy Mr Whitmore's company, which will make a good profit to my already established reputation and business.

Mr Whitmore has brought a deal out of it that instead of me completely owning his company, He would take care of the company and work under me.

He wants me to buy his company and let him to remain the CEO of the company but will still work under me.

Hmmm sounds interesting.

He seems to be a good human.

Lets hear What's going on in his mind.

I focused in his eyes and tried to hear him.

"Please, please, please God help me. Let Mr. Bishop say Yes to this Proposal."

Hmmmm Let's keep his hope.

I stood up from my chair and closed the middle button of my Armani suit. Everyone present In the conference hall stood up following me. I gave a curt nod which led everyone Know that I agreed to the Deal. Everyone started shaking hands and Mr Whitmore ran towards me to shake my hand.

"Thank you, Thank you Mr Bishop" he happily cried shaking his head.

I put my hand on his shoulder briefly and came out of the room with Blake, my Beta and Cole, my Warrior following me.

Blake and Cole are both my childhood friends. Blake being my Beta is the Beta of Betas and also has some special powers, and Cole is my best fighter Warrior who has Powerful, power skills in fighting.

They always accompany me with my business meetings. Though they know me from my childhood they still have fear and respect towards me. My power lets their wolves bow down to me.

"I never expected you to except that Deal that easily..." said Blake from behind.

I looked at him and replied " Me neith


He raised his eyebrows but never did ask further questions.

Cole came with the car and we all drove back to our Hotel Penthouse to change, because we have to get back to our pack house before night.

After changing into a casual Denim Jeans and Polo Black shirt, we three began our car journey towards the pack house.

Our pack house is situated at the outskirt of the town inside the forest, hidden by a shield to remain hidden from human and trespasser Rogues.

"It will take another two hours to reach the pack house, And I am hungry" said Blake who is driving.

" I know a Diner here somewhere, why don't we stop their and eat?" said Cole asking for my permission.

I simply nodded in agreement.

We reached the Diner and parked the car near a Audi.

Blake whistled and said "Man check it out. What a hot piece of Car. It is. Awesome". He pointed towards the Audi.

Cole and I Shook our heads at him. Blake always got excited seeing expensive cars.

We parked and made our way to the entrance door of the Diner When suddenly I smelled the most delicious and mouthwatering smell of Roses and Chocolates. A unique combination.

My wolf whose name is Black began to wiggle his tail and howl in my mind.

He shouted "Run, run and follow the smell...quick"

I fastened my steps. When the smell increased from behind the door, I could no longer control myself and I pushed the door wide open out of my way.

Behind the door stood I think the most gorgeous girl in the world. She had the most beautiful brown eyes which held secrets and Brown hair with a goddess like figure.

I just don't get why I want to engulf her in my arms and hide and protect her from the world but I controlled myself.

She looked at me with wide eyes probably confused about my sudden bashed entry.

My wolf howled with joy and the word which I didn't want to hear my whole life came out of my wolf's mouth...."Mate".

NO, NO, NO this can't be happening.

Mate NO, I don't want a Mate.

To my wolf's disagreement, I shut him out of my mind.

My eyes color started to change with anger when the girl before me went past me and drove taking that Audi towards Vegas.

I controlled myself and opened my mind.

"Go and get her, what are you waiting for?" My wolf Black shouted.

"I don't want a mate and you know why " I replied.

" I don't know anything, just get her." Black shouted angrily.

" Fine." I gritted my teeth and muttered.

" Cole, Blake go and get that girl and bring her harmless to the Pack house." I ordered.

They knowingly smiled and nodded.

"I will directly meet you at the Pack house" I informed.

They nodded and ran towards the car and drove following her.

I walked to the back of the Diner and towards the woods where I shifted into my black Wolf and began running towards my pack house.

Unlike me, My wolf was too happy and couldn't wait to meet his Mate again.

"What I am going to do?" I sighed and muttered to myself.

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