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   Chapter 82 Challenged for a fight... And the price is Valen.

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 8331

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'I just lose my temper sometimes.

No... Not sometimes but every time. And today I just crossed all the limits.'

Standing near deciduous bald tree behind the tent hall Ryley sighed biting his nails. He inhaled the cold breeze gazing the view in the front. It was the cliff on the back side with deep valley that was invisible in the night.

The moon glistened between the moving black clouds while Ryley accepted his deeds.

Self realization... A powerful weapon. It can help you make most of your life but only if you are willing to take the critical duration positively and act wisely.

And damn bad for the ones who do not know how accede their aberration.

For the first time life, call it surprisingly though, Ryley was taking it in a positive way.

He was feeling bad of his actions. That was alright that he was not to be blamed for entirety but it was also not wrong that he did contribute it too. Both of them equally committed blunder.

If Hazel was not ready to let him go, it was all because she was kept satisfied and amazingly pampered by him. It was for a temporary time no doubts yet, he made it occur superb like it was the best and much better than a fairytale.

'Even Valen saw her kissing me. I am just trapped from all the four sides.'

Ryley thought again.

He stuffed his hands in the pocket. The atmosphere was getting unnecessarily cold. Although he was a wolf and that chilling night was nothing, it caught him within its web since he was already preoccupied with too many things.

So many problems and not even a single solution to it! That was vulnerable though.

Never mind, he breathed deep focusing on his inhalation. Every time Ryley sucked air in his lungs he tried to match his eyes with the moon that was peeking through the clouds. There was something unusual about tonight notwithstanding.

The thunder was flashing frequently in the sky... Like it was trying to hint something to Ryley. He attempted to understand the pattern every time the lighting made but to no avail.

Mayhap, he was thinking too much!

His problems and disturbed mind was just making pictures out of unusual themes and projecting like it was a big chaos.

After having spent another fifteen minutes there Ryley finally decided to go back to the party. Now only the sight of her innocent face can calm the tempest of his heart.

Ryley once again joined the crowd in the hall. They were dancing on a couple theme including his parents. He smiled seeing h

urning ball of a fire came travelling inside the hall from the roof. It has made a hole in the cloth of the tent.

All gasped. Their eyeballs moved in the centre of the hall where the ball of fire halted right before Ryley, across his face. Before they can understand what it was the ball of fire took the shape of a rectangular letter and a burning message reflected from it.

The message was...

'I took you as a powerless kid of a powerful alpha, Ryley Shine. But I was wrong, you turned out to be a warrior. You fought me alone. I was impressed seeing how you freed Valen from my web. That was commendable enough.

But you should know, you have come across a powerful entity that does not give up!

I am Zalreth, who never experienced a defeat. Not in the past and never in the future.

And that's why I am challenging you, Come have a fight with me.

I know you are moody and you fight only when you have something important put at stake... So to make sure that you come, I am taking away your mate and your girlfriend with me.

I wasn't so sure who is your real love, so I bought both of your girls with me.

So come on... If you have courage, let's meet at the same place— in the Woods Land. And see who is more stronger... Is it you or me!

Remember, whoever wins will get Valen and the Rex Stone and the one loses it will get only and only death.

And yeah, don't forget to get the Rex Stone with you or else... Be ready to see your girlfriend's beheaded body.

I am waiting for you, come here as soon as possible. And keep your army and others away from this... This our fight, let's fight it ourselves.

~Zalreth. '


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