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   Chapter 72 Zalreth, the creature

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 6555

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Third person's point of view...

Looking at everyone's expression it was obvious that they have never observed such scene ever. There was dark blackness dancing in the mid air before it stopped and with a big blast. The fear of the dark was a common one.

One of the reasons why people are scared of darkness is that our pupils play tricks on us. Our mind is so quizzical that it gives different things a different shape when the lights are low. However, what they were seeing was not any trick played by their mind it was fucking true.

"Oh man!" Zander cried when the dark fog before them cooed and turned into a shape of human.

Dark, shadowy, humanoid figure looked extremely terrifying! The black flames that ignited from its shoulder, it made it look way more scarier. "What is this thing?" one of the soldiers asked much to everyone's surprise as the other were still shock.

Gigantic shape as a human the creature stood across them with dark big circular red eyes. It was not even eyes but two burning red balls of fire shining in the evenings dim light. "It's Zalreth, a dangerous creature like a shadow having the traits of a vampire of hunting on blood, coming out only in the dark and hiding from sunlight. A shadow that is born out of fire of hell." Eric announced staring him while it stared him back with its dark red eyes.

There weren't no pupils they can still sense the fury the creature wanted to showcase. Or precisely, calling him as Zalreth, it's real name. "Valentineeee!" His husky echoing whisper broke out. He called for Valen like a serpent hissing at the end of the word.

Zalreth, the creature flickered in and out of their periphery making it difficult yo notice him. And the irony that, it was spreading evening, all of them feared more as seeing him was getting harder and harder. "Leaveee herrrr." It spoke dangerously. Its size shrink as it sat on the land before Ryley however his face focused down at Valen's uncons

ck drenched with liquid, and he knew it was blood while the creature appeared again, this time with more fury.

"Ryley!!!" Eric and Zander shouted his names in unison, he was thrown two to three times against one tree to another tree.

They tried to get in the woods again from the main road side, but they can't. They were pushed back on the highway itself. There was nothing they can do. They were helpless. Felt like a barricade was made between the woods and the high that prevented the two to get in.

While on the contrary, Zalreth emanated his gall on him. "Sheeee issss mineeee." It uttered quite aggressively whilst using his powers on Ryley until he lifelessly gravitated on the earth.

Zander's point if view....

"Take him to the pack hospital." Vivian was hardly breathing. I had to ask the soldiers to take him away since he was in danger.

He was my enemy, I hated him. But today don't know why, after I saw him lying on the ground fainted, I can't resist myself. Suddenly something engulfed, a fear. Though seeing him hurt was the best thing to witness in the past but today, I felt like I was going to lose a friend.


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