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   Chapter 70 Jealous Ryley

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 6745

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The time was running from their stock like the sand in the fist. Everyone who laid their gaze on Ryley, their facial expressions drastically transformed to shocked ones. He has his own reasons and none dared to ask him. "This way, here is where I found her slipper." They were following Eric in the deep of the woodlands.

There were him with Vivian armed with weapons. Ryley and Zander walked by their side with swords and there were a few soldiers following them too. Zander had in his grip one of Ryley's spare machete. Everything was happening so quickly and so much in hurry that he forgot to get any weapon for himself. In the end, it happened to be Ryley who got his spared machete hidden in the back of his car given to him.

He had it secretly placed in his car for his own reasons. You never know when and where are you attacked so in such conditions you have to have a weapon. That was why he had it placed hidden within his car that Ryley pulled it out today.

"Be careful there Zander. I have placed some traps there!" Zander stuck close to Ryley such that their arms brushed. Eric pointed at the ground with his old looking bow. "You might get caught— and killed." On hearing that, Zander and Ryley stared each other being puzzled by his words.

"I placed traps in almost every possible place where I had the feeling, we could find it. It would be caught in the traps in the night but astonishingly, it is much cleverer than what I have thought!" They carefully moved their steps forward whilst listening his every word cautiously.

Eric was taking them all in the depth of the woods. He has found a place during his search conducted in the earlier days when he felt like it was there at a point. It was a tree— very old huge tree with vines hanging on the stem of it. Its roots were spread in metres above the ground while there was a hollow place in its trunk.

Just from the view of it and the area where it was situated— in the deepest part of the woods, Eric did not take long time to comprehe

. "Did you hear that?" he pointed in that direction whilst eyeing Ryley who nodded in agreement.

"Come on, let's go and check." Eric announced.

The darkness was slowly prevailing in the milieus as the sun was almost gone. On top of that the shadow of the trees made it look like it was already the night. No matter what and how cruelly the atmosphere changing, Ryley and the others rushed towards the direction of the sound.

Their foot thumped on the ground crushing the leaves in their feet. They converted their walks in partial run as they followed Eric avoiding the traps. Their hearts ran a race too as now the sounds were getting clearer and easier to be heard. They prepared their weapons taking a final jump while landing before a creepy leafless trees.

No sooner did they set their eyes on the tree, "VALEN!" Ryley screamed between his heavy breaths spotting Valen on top of it trammelled within the branches— cocooned in a slimy web, languished!


(I managed to write a chapter today as I felt little okay however, I'm still warned to not do it again until I'm well properly. So please I request you all to wait patiently until I recover from my sickness. You can catch me up with me on insta tho at my author's profile @chantinglove138. Hope the chap was nice... Now leave good comments for me to read. Thanks.)

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