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   Chapter 68 She's his mate!

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 6646

Updated: 2020-03-10 14:18

Zander's point of view....

The looks on Jason's face depicted his defeat. He was more than shocked listening to the news. Though it was something I should have been happy for albeit my condition seemed more or equal to what Jason went through.

"Who told you she's been taken by it?" My eyes failed the scene I got to witness, Ryley had pinned the guard to the wall and choking him dangerously. His face was void of any emotions but his heart— his heart races like a horse running in a race of life or death.

I did not want others to sense the change in my behaviour, so I controlled my body. My other friends seemed delighted and fake sad at the news but seeing Ryley they passed a look to each other since his body language spoke otherwise.

My fingers itched, only I know how did I kept myself in calm and not joining Ryley. Valen was nobody to me but yet, I felt as if something important was taken away from me. A part of my heart felt useless. "Eric, the hunter." He was the hunter who was appointed to catch the creature that was lurking in the woodlands.

Many deaths occurred in the area surround woodlands with the travellers but the killer was missing. We had appointed the world's best hunter to hunt him but in vain. Neither could he catch it nor save Valen. I don't know but I feel like twisting his neck in my grip. Bastard!!!

"The hunter found Valen's torn piece of her cloth and her smell." Whether to be shocked or stay cool and enjoy the scene— I was confused. I can't digest it! How come he knew Valen's name and how on land could he recognize her smell!

A gush of insecurity overpowered me while the curiosity of finding out on how he got to know it was Valen irritated me. "How are you sure it is Valen only!" This time I took the lead and asked to everyone's surprise.

I was anticipating Ryley to pass me a look, he had let the guard go and swoosh to the ground. Nevertheless, his face stayed neutral even after having seen me asking the question tha

pecial training as a ninja a year ago... Not precisely as a real professional ninja but to teach some added fighting sleight of hands that would help him in the future as he become an alpha. And playing with any katana or his Mercy (his sword) is as easy as playing with a hula hoop.

"And guys I need you as my back up plan. You know what I mean!" His eyes were soft, a sight that none of us ever saw in our entire life. "So are we together as a team!" he never worried about anyone like that, humans were the last ones in his life to get his help, hating Valen was the first priority in his to-do list, seeing her blood and her wounds pleased nevertheless, at the moment what his eyes told me— told me a new and different story.

"Zander, I want you accompany me. I want my beta on my battle as my strength." Squeezing my shoulder he asked while I demanded for an answer via my eyes.

I asked him whether— it was exactly the same that I assumed it to be, to which he smiled lowering his eyes hence giving me my all answers. Ever since he turned eighteen, his hatred, his feelings towards her changed suddenly! The Ryley who would once praise and flirt with Valen for fun had suddenly started hating her.

I had this doubt earlier but I could never accumulate my courage and ask him..... She was his mate!


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