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   Chapter 66 We're in danger

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 5740

Updated: 2020-03-10 14:16

Ryley's point of view...

I woke up with a hammering ache spreading all over my face. My mind was awake but my eyes were shut tight. Even after having tried harder to shot them open, I could not bring myself to open them. There were distant chattering audible to my ears. It was aching my ear drums, yet I knew who it was talking!

I was back in my house. The familiar scent of jasmine room freshener— my mother's ideal choice for our house hit my nostrils whenever I inhaled the air and that was what told me that I was home.

There were combined sounds of cries and sobs surrounding me. From the weight that laid over my chest and the spot next to me on the mattress digging a little inside made me know I was alone. "Ryley!" It was my mother caressing my cheek and kissing my hair in worry.

Her tears fell on my face, I can feel the warmth of her tears every time the drops dripped right below my left right eye. She was scared of my condition, but I was happy that my father's responsible escorts brought me back to my home safely.

I can also feel my father's warmth next to me on the other side of the bed, he was probably sitting on the edge staring my condition. I had the idea as to how I could look with that bloody snout in the wolf Form but I never assumed my condition with that pounding ache all over my face in my human form. But just the way my mother cried and my father worriedly breathed, I knew it was a woeful sight for them!

"Come on Garnet, it's okay. He is fine. You should not be worrying about him. He does look awful with that face, but we know it will take him less than an hour to recover." That was Jason's voice! I never smelled him around. Probably it was because my nose was

Mom we are in danger, mom it is here. The creature is here in our pack. We need to guard our pack." Like earlier, my words came out all mix yet the looks my mother gave me, I was hoping that she heard it clearly.

My eyes flickered with lights, dots started to appear across my mother's face. Whether it was her whose face was blurring or my eyesight, I could not decipher. All I knew was that my father shouted for some injection which Jason came rushing through with an injection and injected it in my arm.

The dots cleared up but my eyes became heavy. The pain was starting to face however I knew it would return in sometime. A sweet slumber was wanting to engulf me while at the same time my mother adjusted the pillow under my head. It was enough for me, and I was going to give up on forcing myself to keep my eyes open until I heard my mother speak before I was cut short from this world. "It's okay darling, you will be alright after you wake up. Sleep Ryley, go to sleep."


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