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   Chapter 65 Valen, be mine!

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 16545

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Valen's point of view...

Seems like it has been decades that I saw the bully bastard!

After that night neither I heard his voice nor got a message from him. And for a moment I thought like whatever we had a night before, was all fake. Something that he had done to satisfy himself. In simple terms, I miss him and everything I had shared with him before his leave to Africa with Alpha Hercules, started haunting me.

I never knew I had such feeling for him! It was supposed to be hatred and disgust on both the sides but the way he came out in front of me, biting me for the mate thing and roaming behind me— made me feel that the hate was not hate, but love.

But unfortunately, it was all starting to worry me for no reason. I don't know but it feels like something is wrong and I can't see it. "Ouch!" Shit, the knife cut my forefinger. I was too much into his thoughts that I forgot my hands were busy cutting capsicum for bread pizza.

"Hey, what happened baby?" Dadda came running in the kitchen after hearing my voice. His face wrinkled seeing my red finger with dripping blood and lips twisted in frustration. "I knew it! I so knew it Valentine Pereira that you will not do any task without getting involved into mess. Just look at that! The cut is so freaking deep and if by any chance have you applied more pressure than the distal phalange of your finger had separated from your hand! Silly girl." I can't do anything rather than smiling through my pain as dadda angrily said.

He is right. I cannot do any work without getting everything messed up. That is in my blood. Perhaps, I was born to give problems or become a problem into people's life which is sometimes I feel excited for and sometimes, bad. No matter what, the current situation had me cry in my father's arms after he pulled my arm under the running tap and lightly washed of the drying up blood.

Nah, I was not crying for having cut my finger and as dadda said, neither for having risked amputated my distal phalange but— him. I don't know what was that that I felt but the urge was strong. A whole freaking week, means seven day, means a hundred and sixty eight hours and I didn't see him.

Although I was not going to meet him or interact in a normal way as he had hurt me beyond repair still I fucking don't know what was getting wrong with me. I wanted him like freaking badly now. Why was that happening? And above all, was that happening to him too? Or was he just enjoying his life there with girls?

Ugh, many stupid and irrelevant questions concerned and irritated me as on the other hand dadda took me to the couch and stretched out a first aid kit from below the table. You heard that right, he got it from below the table. Now what else do you expect in a doctor's house! Candles with awesome fragrance or collection of puzzles that came be kept anywhere in the house!

Well you guys are extremely wrong if that is what you had assumed to see in our house. Our little abode is actually filled with thousands of medicines out of which thousands of them I don't know about. In fact, nobody knows that my father also has a secret lab in the basement of our house which is well built and has infinite new inventions that dadda had worked on and still is working on.

I am just lucky that our house does not smell like that of hospital— with obnoxious smell of medicines! It rather smells good all because of me for I spray it well with various room freshners, and we have also installed electric aroma diffuser in each part of the house.

"Shut your lips tight as well as your eyes. This med will burn your skin but the cut will be healed overnight. Are you ready!" In reflex of his detailer info regarding the merciless med I hid my face in his shoulder all ready to welcome the pain. And when it came, "Ouch Valen, you are clumsier than what I knew about you!" I dug my teeth in his crisp olive shirt right in his skin that he chortled having me acting like a kid.

Although I was real strong on biting dadda, he quickly utilized the time and wrapped it with a clean bandage. "Now that's done you can stop munching on my shirt." He playfully hit on my head while I withdrew my teeth from his shoulder. Surely I must have left my teeth mark in his skin!

Soon after he bent down to keep the kit back in its place bully bastard started worrying me again! I wondered about him and started guessing his moves for now. What does he like to do in the afternoon! Uh, I know... He likes to eat and chill watching stupid football matches. I don't know why do people like footfall.

That's only kicking a poor ball and nothing!

Well I do know why he watches it! That is because he gets the ideas on how to kick people and practice their moves in real life. I am sure that is his reason for watching football.

"Shit!!! What was that" Dadda stared me confusingly. "I felt like... Like there was something touching me on my back!" I added further.

all. Suddenly the surrounding felt so heavy and dreadful. I was absent mindedly chasing him, his steps were faster than mine. Not even have I reached his door than, "Dadda!" I felt someone's arm on my shoulder from the back.

Notwithstanding, there was no one behind me!

I stayed there rechecking the area if anybody has sneaked in behind while we were talking. There was no one around me!

"Valen" Jumping over his sudden call I breathed deeply whilst turning around. He was standing with his white coat and a big kit. That kit which he mostly goes out with, it has all the required tools and medicines that can be used during emergency. But if there is something that is required later then it'd be brought by his co-workers from their lab.

Anyways, dadda placed a quick peck on my forehead whilst seeing right into my eyes. "I'll have to go now, baby. But don't forget we have an incomplete conversation to finish with the disclosure of the name of that bastard. I will come back soon, take care." He simply waked out through the door leaving me standing there in the corridor, sad and worried.

I wanted to tell him about this unusual feeling of mine that I just sensed. Also, I wanted to ask him to take me along Albeit he left do hurriedly that I did not get any chance to express my feelings. Shit, I am worried.... And scared.

After having wasted some minutes in the same spot I decided to go upstairs to my room as I was not feeling so well in that area. It was though very confusing as I never felt that strange there.

I pushed a step forward to move toward the stairs case but then, "Vaaaaalen" I heard my name being whispered in slow motion.

It was creepy as heck. I quickly turned around to check upon it but to my surprise nothing was there. "Vaaaalennn."

"Who is it? Come out." It spoke about again, this time near my ear. I even felt it touching my earlobe that I asked loudly. "I lovvveee youuu Vaaaaalen." My body stood paralyzed in its spot hearing to that statement.

"Ryley, is that you? I will kill you if that's your prank bully bastard. I swear I will!"

"Vaaalen, I loveee youuu. Be mineee."

Burning hot tears blurred my view, even my legs froze badly that I can't make a move. Whimpers and small shouts escaped my lips listening to that again. It was not Ryley at all. The whispers I got to hear were right spoken next to my ear as if... As if someone was standing next to me.

I can feel the warmth of someone's presence alas, I could not see anything. "Who the fuck are you? Why don't you come out and face me, mother fucker! I said come outttt!" annoyed with the creepy feeling I shouted loudly while slapping my hands in the air.

"If that's what youuu wish then be it, Valenn." I heard it spoke which truly left me regretting!

For the next moment what I saw left me scared and lost that I can't trust on my own eyes. A dirty long torn cloth that seemed a thousand years old fell on the floor and a very disgusting and scary face came to my view. "No ways! Daddaaaa. No, no." I screamed aiming to run out of the door but earlier than I could reach there I was pulled up from the ground. "Leave me.... Leave me. Ahhhhhhhhhh.... Ryleyyyyyyy!"


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