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   Chapter 64 Injured

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 7629

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His heart seemed having reached his throat and anytime felt it would come out of his mouth in his hands. The identity, the information regarding the creature was in front of his eyes kept before the lady who amusingly gawked at him.

So many months passed by yet no one could catch that evil thing, nor does the world's biggest hunter but, he did manage to capture his mate's attention. Bloody ass hole! He created mess in his life than doing the work which he was called for and offered thousands of dollars.

"You alright! Do you want something to drink before we see this." The lady asked, she was amazed by the way he behaved. It seemed like he was curious to see it more than anything else in life. Perhaps, that was why he turned down her advances which nobody else had.

Nevertheless, her mouth left hanging wide in bewilderment when Ryley forcefully pulled the folder from below her palm, from the table, hoarsely replying. "Lure someone who would pay heed to your efforts. I have a mate, if you think I am single." Liking him more for his boldness was an understatement because she was more than impressed by that nature of his.

She silently watched him ripping the folder into pieces within seconds. Her fingers curiously tapped against the table waiting for him to check out what it was. Ryley on the other hand, took a deep breath staring at the old brown cover of the small sized book binded with thick thread. The appearance was old. Anyone could tell that it was a preserved testaments kept in its original position without having compromised with it.

His chest thumped loudly while his closely fixated as his fingers slowly opened it and saw the picture of the creature. "No ways!" The lady who was now standing behind him, gasped with Ryley in unison as and when her pupils fell on the sketched picture of the threatening creature.


'Run Shine run, we need to go back before its late. Run faster Shine, we have to save our pack. Everyone's life is in danger!'

Splitting through

He felt a surge of adrenaline building in his head. The revelation left him to no peace and Ryley could not control his fear but run back to his pack.

' Oh Moon Goddess! Keep my people safe until I reach back to them. I still can't trust my conscience! How is tha

badly by a group of strong guys with weapons. Ryley's eyes were on the verge of closing shut when his mate's face flashed before them. It provided him some strength that he could manage to take his cellphone out and make a call.

Much to his all the time good luck, the escort guy picked the call up right on the first ring and spoke with urgent seriousness. "Hello, Ryley! You reached." He asked from the other side, his tone curious and impatient.

Ryley thankfully forced his eyes to remain open and coughed on the call. He could hear his escort worriedly asking him questions as to where was he now and why did he sound so ill all of a sudden. "I am here lying on the road in the corporate area before the airport (coughs) Cole and pick me Jasper, before I die." Although the pain was just something he had sensed earlier but in a different form yet the, way Ryley projected it, hitched the escort's breaths.

" We are coming to see you Ryley, stay put. Stay put." After having signaled his other members to follow him, just as Jasper, the escort assured Ryley, he heard a loud cough on the call before it went off. "Gosh, Ryley I hope you are okay!" he added before rushing to the said place.


(I wonder what's the creature that even scares our bully bastard! Above I am curious to see how will the creature react when realizing that he's now revealed to the Alpha's son. Will he still continue to love his mate or not. Lol that sounds so fucking funny. Don't forget to leave comments and follow me)

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