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   Chapter 63 Don't look at me like that!

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 10374

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To have born handsome is a curse for some guys when they continuously experience women hitting on them and showering them with unsettling gazes. When women from all walks of life, be it teenage, adults, elders or for that matter who's of your mother's age trying to seduce you... It becomes difficult to breathe in such an environment.

Ryley felt unconsciously the same sitting before a big fat table precisely across the women who was indeed beautiful but in her mid thirties or something smacking her lips slowly and seductively. It only increased his annoyance toward his filthy alpha father who left him here in the South Africa to complete the work without him just because he had other works to do in the city.

Trust that, when it's about the work in the city.... It was nothing but watching the finale of the ODI Match between India and New Zealand. Ryley had screamed loudly standing on the lake shore side in front of his father's house after he realized he was fooled and left here.

However, he did not have any chance rather than accepting to the work under his father's absence. Mr. Shine's trick did leave him disappointed still Ryley could not leave the work like that as it was the most important thing to do on the part of an alpha. He wasn't the alpha yet, he was being examined for his skills.

Any ways, the provocative signs given by the women across him soon started getting on his nerves. The air suddenly became stale while the cool room proved no soothing to his rising temper. She was beautiful and someone Ryley had tried if it has been a day from the past before he marked his mate but now... Even the sight of her inviting him felt so disgusting.

And on top of that, his feelings, the attachment towards Valen that was transforming only into love made him feel mad in aggression. "How long will it take, Mrs. Ferguson?" She was married, it read on her name plate facing Ryley. "We sat here for more than half an hour whereas it was just supposed to be a few minutes wait! May I know when will it be done, Mrs. Ferguson" Her nose flared feeling low when Ryley, again and again stretched her husband's surname along with her status of being married.

She did not look old at all but his words did make her feel older than a granny.

"Uh, just a few minutes more dear, as you see my secretary is on her way with those testaments. She's taking a risk travelling with those documents, she will take her time to reach here unharmed." Ryley rolled his eyes listening her while at the same time she leaned forward on the desk revealing her cleavage. "Why don't you see something till then!" her exclamation took him off guard and Ryley stuck one of his brows in bewilderment giving 'what do you mean?' kind of looks. "I meant, watch something on Netflix." Having seen how masterly she twisted the way of her words Ryley looked clearly indicating, he was not interested in seeing any freaking thing!

He slowly left his chair seeing out of the big well ventilated window of the cabin where the world looked so beautiful and small. Indeed, having a cabin on the upper floor

the empty corridors of school while they met first time after his trip. Eighth, it was spying Valen. And the nineth and the most fearing one, it seemed to have something to do with Valen which didn't give him good feeling at all.

Ryley stared out at the blue sky, many unwanted reasons homed his head and the possibilities were high yet, his heart could not bring himself to the realization that it could anyway be true. And one of them was that, could she have some kind of relation with the creature, like any relation!

He was lost so much in his thoughts that the beeping of his phone brought him back to the reality, he received a message. He had anticipated Hazel to have sent the message however, it was on messenger app. Somebody sent him a message by following his social media account of Facebook.

"Chantinglove! Now who is this?" he wondered as his finger excitingly pressed the notification of the message as it read, 'Hi, this is chantinglove. One of your admirers. May I ask you a question please?'

He smiled reading the word 'admirer' now who was this admirer and what type of question did he/she has? He was curious still he didn't show it in his reply at all...

'What question? Why should I answer you. Who are you to me *with an eye raised emoji*?'

He pressed send grinning again look at the status 'typing'. Ryley leaned before the glass of the window waiting for the message that never came regardless, the most awaited person did. "Ma'am, here are your testaments."

As soon as the tall male secretary of the irritating woman barged in Ryley soon forgot that he was waiting for the unknown person's reply and hurried to grab the folder from his hand.

Now all the truth about the creature will be revealed.


I wrote a chat story on my profile between Zander and his mate 'I'm your mate'... I'm sure you're gonna like it. ... Then join us on insta and read it. Anyways Now finally we'll get to know what creature is that! Do follow and comment and don't forget to join me on my insta profile@chantinglove138. Thanks.)

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