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   Chapter 62 I love you, Valen

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 6890

Updated: 2020-02-27 11:49

His eyes held different emotions... The emotions of new developed feelings, an eagerness to spend some time with Valentine, some emotions focusing on learning some new things about her and obviously, the emotions of love that just born in his heart after the afternoon incident which the man whore was not sure about, duh.

"Hey Jason! Good to see you the fifth time again in the same day" Mr. Kaiden Brown, the beta of the pack spoke standing at the doorstep with his dumbstruck and confused son behind him and his wife, Ava.

He was trying to peep behind the doctor, inside the house for her. Not only was it intriguing to me but also very funny as the stupid bully bastard's best friend was falling for his future Alpha's future Luna. He had put on the take expression of pain like he never had through it.

Bloody bastard... I never thought would do something like that ever. It was expected from Zander Brown, the fiercest guy of the wolf school after his alpha friend that son of a bitch, Ryley Shine. "Well I wasn't expecting to see you for the fifth time but then since you are here, why don't you come in and join me and my daughter at the supper!" the doctor offered getting aside and giving way to the beta's family.

They honourably entered inside while that son of a mother fucker continued to look for Valentine getting on my nerves. I could easily see from my spot that was... The tree standing opposite of the doctor's bungalow which gave me proper view of what was happening inside.

And because of the help of the invisibility cloak draped around my body from head to toe, I sat hidden from everyone's eyes. My scent, I camouflaged it masterly using charcoal that restricts the wolf's snout to catch the smell of anything. And surprisingly, I have been eyeing the beautiful Valentine for about four months from here and nobody knows about that.

"We would love to join you at the dinner table but before that, mind seeing my son." Beta Kaiden said, wrapping an arm around Zander who was yet (bloody heck) shamelessly looking everywhere i

nd it interesting and my interest grew more intense when I saw you there... In my hideout at Woodland area with that hunter who is hired to catch me. That moment was where I lost my heart to you.

Agreed, I am not a human nor someone like these wolves but promisingly, I can be a better mate for you. Yeah, I don't have a face, no shadow and no identity of mine that can describe my features but I promise I can take care of you better than that bully bastard who marked you right in front of my eyes.

However, on a serious note, mates can be stolen! And I would steal you from that bastard and take you away from this cruel world... Somewhere, where it is just me and you, where there is no fear, where you can proudly raise your voice and none could hurt you. I would create a new world for us my darling where the queen will be you and the kind will be me.

And before that, I need to find 'The Rex Stone' the reason why I came here behind you.


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