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   Chapter 61 What's happening to me It is.... Love

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 10636

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Zander's point of view...

What the heck was wrong with me?

Why did I even let her touch me?

I hated her, didn't I?

Then what made me behave all calm around her!

Why did I fall speechless when she taunted me?

Why didn't I revert back to her or just give her a tight blow?

Why did it make me feel as a heartless devil when my eyes met with hers?

I cannot keep myself calm. Valen, she messed up my brain after that encounter. Even having tried harder to neglect her, she just came flashing in my head. And it was all because of today's incident happened between her and me in the kitchen in the afternoon.


After Zander bent down talking to Milan, he being he, made disgusting statement that did not go unnoticed by Valen. She anyway stood calm avoiding him as if she didn't give a fuck to him.

"But I don't think your Valen wants any toys from me, Melly? Look at her." He kissed Milan's bubbly cheek as she craned herself in the right to see Valen who again rolled her eyes not being able to tolerate his smirks. "Not Zany, she want toys, right Valen" Valen stared them over Milan's remark that was embarrassing her after Zander cockily laughed out, irking her.

Valen suppressed her annoyance. If only the little Milan knew what kind of toys he was addressing to? "Do you really want such toys, Valen" Zander let go of Milan while getting up. He slightly walked toward the kitchen slab seeing her standing up on her legs looking away.

He undid the cap of the drink and took a sip, that was real seductive. Valen only ignored him like he was not there only. Notwithstanding it was annoying him up, he was used to getting people's attention, and she was his old friend who never let any opportunity go of attending him with her focus.

But today... Something was different about her as Valen was ignoring him the best. Ever since he caught her eye sight, she have not uttered a word and only watched the brother and sister duo talking among themselves. Even though his double meaning sentences annoyed her she cozily sat there seeing them without uttering a word.

The two of them gave each other tough looks. One out of annoyance and the other out of curiosity.

"I am waiting for your answer Valen, don't you want toys?" When she did not reply, Zander irked her. He pushed her to do something so that he could play with her a little. The promise he made to his gang for staying away, took away almost the majority of his excitement as she was his best prey he like to play with. And today the devil pushed him severely.

"Hmm, still thinking, take you tim—"

" Zander, I am tell— Milan!!!!" both of them spoke at the same time but only to stop their sentence when Valen suddenly chipped Milan's name that made Zander to turn around and face his sister who was in real danger.

She was trying to pull down the cotton towel from the slab located next to the fridge where the water purifyer was placed and it was slipping down the wedge since the towel was under of it. "Milan" Earlier than the purifyer could fall on Milan, Zander quickly bent overhead of her body like a roof that the gadget came crashing down on his back badly.

teeth not even thinking that my blood stained your lips, you cared like I was someone close to you and top of everything, you looked sad seeing my blood as if it was your own.

Why! Why are you like this?

I don't know but after her leave I can't do anything else. Every time I moved to do something she came in my mind. The pain, the scars that I gave her made some unknown feeling to burden my heart like she was the most purest soul that I happened to bother.

Gosh, why can't I get off my mind of her? What are you doing to me Valentine, why do I feel like 'I miss you and I miss the touch of your lips on my skin' what is happening to me?

I was totally disturbed, there was no way I could get over her thoughts. She has homed my mind as well as my heart. What should I call it as? What is it? Guilt or... love.

"Gosh I am getting mad!"

My lashes came closing down together in defeat. I tried to meditate a little but to get rid of the feeling but, "Zane, come down for the dinner." "Yes, mom. Give me a minute." Mom barged in the door eyeing me suspiciously.

It was embarrassing as I never saw mother eyeing me like that ever not after I grew adult. "Is everything okay with ya?" and what I dreaded happened. She asked me the question of which I wanted to avoid on any cost.

"Uh, no! Why would you ask me that. You know your son is the coolest dude here in this house." I pretended to seem tension free while I faked my coolness.

Mom didn't seem doubting on me any more, her smile was the proof that she let go of it. "Fine, come down with me. Dad wants to see you, he wants to see your back." She told me holding my wrist and taking me out of the room with her.

That was a perfect chance, I quickly put on a sick face blinking my eyes lightly pretending to have fallen sick. "Uh, mom my back... It hurts! Can we go to Jason's place for a check up. Please." I don't know why I faked the pain but one thing is sure, I want to see Valen right now or else I won't be able to sleep tonight.

Ugh, may be seeing her before sleep might help me feel okay!


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