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   Chapter 58 Ryley is dead!

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 5828

Updated: 2020-02-08 13:49

Valen's point of view...

He fell on the floor after I attacked him for my defence, "Ryley!" he coughed some blood that gushed out his mouth like a volcano erupting lava. The floor around him spread red with his blood while I sat next to him.

My hands trembled seeing his condition, I did not intend to hurt him. He is a wolf... I thought he will dodge my attack but no, he took it on his skin smilingly. "A-are you ok-okay Ryley, Ryley." my quivering fingers curled around his collar, he shook in pain on the floor.

His eyes stared me shockingly, the look they held made me clutch my jaw tight. The way he gazed me it showed how perplexed and dejected he felt being ambushed by me." Ryley... Say something" my voice, sounded like a mere whisper. He balled his fist gargling in pain and the next thing I saw was him... Closing his eyes with a deep choked breathe.

He stopped moving. "Ry-ley... Ryley" I tried to wake him up. The surrounding area on the floor turned red with his blood, every cell of his body started turning blue. When my fingers brushed his slightly across his jaw, I realized he was turning cold.

My legs weakened and I fell back on my hips realizing— he wasn't breathing. Ryley.... Was dead. "Ryley" I did not know this will happen. I just killed my mate... I killed him. I killed the guy I loved.

Tears blurred my vision, I refused seeing his body when everything we had between us. All the moments we spent together flashed before my irises. Our first meet, his first smile for me, our first drive in his car to the park, our hug, our kiss and us.

He have become a part of my life that is something I can't live without. No, Ryley cannot die, not at least before telling me everything about himself. I badl

m and only focusing on cuddling him. I pressed my lips on his throat taking my time caressing his ski— wait, I immediately pulled back myself from him. Was that my hallucination or did I really feel him move!

Not even a second had passed that I felt him move under me that, "Fuck, your lips feel so good on my throat. Kiss me again Valen!" he flagrantly announced sliding his arm under my waist.

I fell on his body, my mind still shocked with the phenomenon I just went through. His fingers slid inside my top, his lips graced my neck when he turned our positions and taking me under him. At that moment, all I could see was his bleeding neck. Although he kissed my neck like it was his only urge for the moment but the way he bled made my heart ache.

How can he be freaking unpredictable!!!!

Having discerned my mindfulness, "Ryleyyyy!" I threw him on the floor next to me, anger replacing my concern.

How he dared fooling me like that!


(Hope you liked this chap. Well, some reader said that, ryley is a wolf... He won't die like that. Indeed we won't let him die like that. Mind voting and sharing my book with your friends. Thanks)

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