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   Chapter 57 Talk to me!!!

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 6858

Updated: 2020-02-08 13:46

I swear I never felt so nervous ever before. I had great encounters with people who I liked or disliked but I never felt such awkwardness. Valen would not mind me entering her house without her agreement I yet experienced strong nervousness.

'It is because you are scared of hurting her!'

Shine finished my incomplete words. I despise his guts... But he was correct.

'Look Ryley, the damage is done already. Now all you can do is earn her trust and love. Just assume that she is testing your feelings toward her. Okay!'

I cannot revert him as I was unsure myself whether to react or don't. He was right as usually and I was confused. My wolf knew her better than me despite that he hardly spent anytime with her. It was good for me only, for he would help me take wiser decisions. Still, I was not satisfied and envious of him. He fucking knew her more than me!

This was happening first time with me.... I was being jealous of my own wolf. Uh, many things are happening first time with me these days. More often... After I marked Valen. The pull is leaving me restless. I don't know but I always think about her and want to touch her.

Even her red eyes hurt me. I stand myself responsible (which I am) of her behaviour. Ugh, let's just now stop thinking about anything. I can't wait any longer to see her.

She won't appreciate my visit though she will praise me for helping her.

My heart beats increased as I reach the front door. Should I knock or just barge in? Again, dilemma. I didn't want to show I was nervous but at the same time my wolf pushed me to portray how concerned I was for her.

Notwithstanding, my conscience won and I just swiftly pushed open the door walking in. The kitchen was seldom few minutes distance from the door, so when I thud opened the door entering inside, I saw her jumping in her place. The expressions her face entertained seeing me and, the way her lips twitched nervously not expecting me at this moment.. I felt both, excited and agitated because she did not really like me visiting her.


efore taking the tape from my hand. Valen made sure there was no contact between our fingers. "You want or not, you will need my help always. And I would gladly help you." I smiled only to get it avoided.

That was the end of my patience level. After sucking in a deep breath I pulled her down in my cage. My hands wrapped around her waist, "What the heck Ryley? Leave me." she squirmed in my grip, I can see what I have done to her. I ruined her liveliness totally.

However, that was not my headache for now. I wanted her attention and I would do anything to get it. "What is wrong with you, why can't you talk to me properly. Can't you see I am trying to bring us both together... That's what you wanted, didn't you?" I clenched my teeth facing her apathy.

I agree I made gruesome mistakes and I might as well not get her forgiveness still, her avoidance is killing me. I was lost looking for the best of ideas from the corner of my mind that my conscience could not notice when she pricked the scissor in my collarbone and the next thing I know was that I fell back unconscious on the ground hitting my head on something.


(That was not expected... Do you think is that Ryley's end?? I am sure you know such attacks are fatal. Do you think Ryley's character will not be continued further? Comment and tell me. Hope you enjoyed the chap. Thanks)

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