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   Chapter 56 Valen your mate is cruel, but is there anything you can do about it

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 7163

Updated: 2020-02-08 13:46

Ryley's point of view...

Snow fell badly last night, the entire city turned veiled in white looking a bride. Children's played with the snow making snow man, fighting with snow balls, building houses with the same and making snow candies and selling to each other for snow money.

Three days ago the official holidays for the Christmas were declared. The preparation for the same was on its peak. All the house were decorated with red and white decorations. The human dwellings looked extremely adorable while the wolves houses seemed no lesser.

Everyone was happy and excited to welcome the Christ except Valen. Ever since the secret unveiled in front of her with regard to my behaviour toward her and her real identity as that of being my mate, she lost all her mirth. I have been noticing her for three days and all I could see is her dull face, I hate to see that.

Her eyes blankly stared out at the lovely children enjoying playing with snow. She did smile for a second but something seemed struck her that quickly veiled her smile with sadness. "Valen, what's up with my daughter these days? Why does she look so sad. Do you miss school" I can hear Jason's approaching step toward Valen, she was sitting on the window sill hugging her knees.

She breathed deeply seeing him sit next to her on the window sill, smilingly. "Uh, no it's not like that dadda. I am just not feeling well." She anxiously spoke, the excitement that used to lace her words every time she would talk to her father was missing.

I can smell her awkwardness. She was not feeling comfortable. Valen had always shared all of her predicaments with her father. But the truth about her being my mate was difficult to disclose to him. She changed suddenly, right after the moment she learned she is my mate. And I know why, it is probably more after realizing that she is marked. Otherwise, she was never going to react like that to the reality that I was supposed to be with her.

I swooshed down against the cold wall of the empty bungalow I was hiding inside, next to hers, tired. This place has become my hideout since last three days where I sit and see h

rtesy, respect and what not told me as in how proud he was to know that I finally marked her.

He praised me for my wrongdoing. He does not feel bad about it.

'I accept it was wrong, Ryley. But I can't refuse that I liked it. I was happy because now not on any cost can you go away From her. You are locked with her forever, Ryley Shine. Now I can peacefully reside inside you until you become the alpha, we will rule our pack better than any other alpha now. We have our mate with us.'

Rolling my eyes at his diplomatic words I bit my lips focusing on the shadow appearing on the kitchen window in the back side. She was in there, alone. Should I go inside, shouldn't I? I can't get onto any decision as it getting awkward. This was going to be our first encounter after that meeting in the classroom where she busted on me.

She will be damn mad, but on a serious note... I am dying to see that. I am dying to see her aggression on me. Now the things that I hated about her the most have become the sole reason why I like her as a mate. Valen, your mate is cruel (I accept) but is there anything you can do about it?


(Ryley's pov on readers demand. What do you think is going to happen in the upcoming chapter? Will Valen like it, or just... You know... Go mad on him! Let's see that together in the next chap. Do lots of of comments. And follow my author's profile on Instagram @chantinglove138. Thanks)

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