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   Chapter 55 What's the new subject about

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The zeal, the enthusiasm that the students showed on the campus ground for the first lecture of MATE-O-LOGY was something never seen before. All the students from all the freaking badges came. The final year wolves, the second year along with the ones studying to fetch the degree for the wolves' army of alpha Hercules, attended those lectures.

The classes were adjusted and held according their badges in their respective class. The ones who would never come for the first lectures, came with excitement. Alpha was joyous seeing every student's zeal as that was what he wanted from his soldiers.

"Mates are important.

That part of a wolf's life which is worth wait.

You feel different emotions. You feel loved, taken care of, you see a strong part of your body that is not a part of your body actually, but something that keeps you going on.

Turning eighteen is an excitement as you become an adult. You can take your decisions on your own.

Still, it is the only phase of life that makes you commit many mistakes as you are not experienced enough to make a correct call.

But when you really have experience, you have lost your opportunity already and the mate you were fated to stay for your whole life with— seems to have chosen a second chance mate already.

Mates can make or mar your life by their abrupt leave. So you ought to be wise and clear while you're making your decision"

Some could relate their on going situation with what the new professors of the Mate-o-logy subject said. And really, just two weeks, and they learned a lot more than needed. But there was Valen who, with every passing lecture fell deep into the pool of confusion.

However, there was something she learnt so far. It was the behaviour of the wolf toward their mate.

"Now one of the easiest way to know they are your mates is to just observe their behaviour.

If you are disliked, often bothered, tortured, threatened and tensed by someone unnecessarily... You are just treated badly by someone... Obviously you get the feeling as if something is wrong. And indeed, it is wrong and you do have the right to know what the truth is. And the truth is..

.. Mate. You are their mate. Not fully a hundred percent sure but ninety-five percent says, Yes. This happens mostly. You face such dilemma only when you are someone's mate, and they are having a hard time accepting you."

That particular mention and everything made sense. Although it was disturbing, heart thumping, but she had to believe in it.

And when the last lecture happened for the month before the Christmases eve... Valen lost all the ability to think. She felt cheated. Cheated by the God, to be honest. As it was not something she has prepared herself

ted me publicly, hated me for no reason, Had had a girlfriend, physical relationships with many other girls in spite of having a mate which is unfortunately, ME...." she chuckled sarcastically while he halted in his track listening to her broken voice and the confession. "But do you know what made me cry today after knowing everything about you and that reason behind your cold behaviour towards me?"

Valen wiped her eyes whilst standing up. She took a deep breath before she pulled him to face her. The more she looked in his eyes the heavier her heart became.

He was her freaking crush, damn it. And today, after getting aware of the biggest secret of both of their lives, Valen can't stop crying. The words stuck in her throat.

Ryley stared straight in her eyes, not speaking a word at all as she continued further, "I cried because I felt for someone who never resisted me." he looked down, not being able to see in her eyes any more. Valen clutched his collars, her eyes crying more and more as she resumed speaking. " You are a coward Ryley... You could not accept your mate. I regret that I even let you touch me knowingly or unknowingly. It had been better if I could just keep you away from me. I hate myself now."

Having that said, she pushed him away with a jerk. Her tiny fists banged on his chest while her lips murmured curses for him amidst her cries. She gave him a punch on his jaw before running out of the doors screaming, "I hate you Ryley Shine and I reject you as my mate."

No sooner have she gone out disappearing from his view than Ryley's lips curved into a small guilty smile. That was what he liked about her as a mate... Her undue fortuitous outburst on him.


(Idk what did I write in this chapter. Excuse it if it's boring and comment loads and loads if it was fire)

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