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   Chapter 54 Did he apologize

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 11530

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It was her room, she got to see with her unclear eyes when she woke up in the early morning. Her whole body ached like it was tortured to no limit. The area of her neck where she was bitten became sore and swollen up making her feel the weakest person.

Animals will be animals only no matter how much you try to change them they will never change themselves and, anyhow show you their traits of being an animal. It was though not anticipated but not even assured that he would never attack on her.

Today or tomorrow, it was going to happen. Valen difficultly came out of her bed shaking severely. She was not crying still her eyes seemingly looked wet and red. Her foot shook whenever she took a step ahead toward the mirror. It was hardly a few steps away from the bedside yet today it felt as if it was miles away.

After what it seemed like an hour she at last reached the spot staring her blur image in the mirror. She was in the same clothes but her jacket was removed, her hair were nicely stuck behind her ears looking like they were finger combed before she was put to bed. Her neck looked awfully disgusting as the punctured skin turned all red appearing like a bad hickey that was going to take long time to heal. Valen thoroughly between her dizzy gaze examined her body if she was bit in any other place.

She checked her palms, wrists, her forearms after pulling her sleeves up until her elbows. Her fingers woefully distressed as she culled up her top in the grip of her palms checking out her stomach if it had the same bitten marks present on her body. Fortunately, she only had one that was on her neck, not any other anywhere on her body.

Her little nose flared innocently while her pupils became indistinct with disappointment re-flashing the entire scene again in her mind.

How on earth can he be so cruel to her? What was her fault. Just that she met a guy and hugged him in a way that his smell lingered everywhere on her. He was so vexed she happened to meet a guy going against his words that he ambushed her out of his arrogance. That was pathetic! Not only that, he also destroyed the button Eric gave to her in his palm effortlessly.

However, it was not the end rather it was the beginning of something new. A new phase of her life that was yet to be explored by her. Her shoulders were now packed with some responsibility. She had transformed into someone who she would never have imagined herself to be.

She was now someone's reason for living, strength during hardships, a deadly weakness and over all an important part of someone's life that now he cannot even do anything to get away from her. They were mated!

Valen cried feeling the affliction spreading in her body alas, the spirits were strong enough to face the bully in the school and ask him, as him what made him attack on her? Why did he feel so charged up smelling another guy in her private parts. Correction— her breasts and vagina.

She was not his girlfriend that it could have agitated him rather she supposedly was his enemy he despised with the deepest feelings of hatred. Valen pulled out a turtle-neck tee with suitable light coloured track pants to match with it. Although everything looked hazy she stubbornly determined facing today no matter come what may because now, the water has gone overboard and it is a crucial moment where answers are must.

Valen decided to take a bus leaving her car there in the garage itself. The

ssed off by his obstinacy as she raised her hands scratching his wounds again (just to give him his own medicine), he slowly leaned forward— unaffected by her actions and, sealed her lips for a light and soft kiss.

He sucked her quivering lips very lightly treating them like the soft petals of a flower. She didn't seem offended this time as her lips slowly brushed his, softly, delicately, apparently

Like butterfly wings, just for enough time that he could inhale her breath, touch her skin within her top, caress her soft full breasts in his palm without giving her and idea about it, feel the warmth of her skin, leave some marks on her body just as though he now st last has the right on her, and so that the taste of her tangy lip balm lingered far after she had gone.

He also took the advantage of the moment kissing her mark in the neck with an open mouth, it was his way of regretting his deeds. The light licks of his tongue felt good against her burning skin. Whether he had any ability to heal wounds with his saliva or not— Valen did feel some reduction in her pain.

Having taken the advantage of the time, Ryley detached inhaling oxygen hungrily. This time when she saw his eyes, she didn't find any guilt or regret in them. She rather found pure ecstasy and the gratefulness that she let him kiss her again even after having been bit by him last night.

They stared each other for answers, "I am sorry for the last night but now— you should know you are locked with this animal for the rest of your life. And there is nothing which you or I could do about that. I already tried and failed." confused with his weird confession and flabbergasting apology as soon as Valen parted her mouth to speak, he pressed the button of the elevator hence it unlocked to the next floor and— he was out of her sight.

She watched him turn to the left and go before the doors closed again with a sound. As the lift resumed working again she bent backward across the wall wondering, 'What he mean by, I already tried and failed?'


(Sorry for not being active without giving any prior warning. I was busy with school work. But I hope you did have a great time waiting for this chapter. Thanks for you messages. More chapters coming by tonight. I hope we'd be able to write it.)

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