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   Chapter 53 At last, she was marked by the bully.

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 14070

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After the session got over, Valen feared going to the lot and taking her car. It was sunset when the session finished finally and already the lot had gone dark. It was not that there were possessions in the huge parking area of the school located on the west side of the school building in the underground area, but that the problem was him, the bully bastard.

Valen didn't want to run a risk of bumping into him after their heated encounter. Not at all after what she heard betty assume about them. If a part of her heart danced listening them (Valen and Ryley) to be a couple or him having feelings for her then on the other hand, the other part of her heart fret seeing him.

His glares and deadly stares were enough for today and warning too that screamed loudly to just stay away from him and avoid for the rest of the day. She though saw alpha taking away his brat son in his car yet her guys didn't allow her take the risk and go to the lot alone. In fact, she had parked her car in the extreme deep as there was a no place in the outer side and even her usual place was occupied by a Lenovo.

He was capable of carrying out impossible tasks and so, fooling his father and getting Valen in the lot could be done by him just in a snap of his finger. "The burger was nice, let's try something else." And to get over the hang of the intensifying words of Mr. Shine, Valen picked up her speed and hence ending up in Eva alley with Betty.

The street had a great heck of tramissiom. It was has turned into a full flexibly working street with busy market. There have set up a few new shops other than the cotton candy shop of her favorite uncle such as the Burger King's, Game zone, small two story mall and other few shops of toys, stationery and candies of all flavour and an ice cream parlour, at last.

The visit to the newly transformed busy Eva alley was relieving. Having eaten burgers and bought candies of chocolate, mint and double mango flavour, the two girls were roaming around the game zone. They seldom knew how to play the games offered there yet they barged in finding fun in every stupid thing they did together.

Well it is damn true that, 'if you get someone as that of your nature, even the smallest of things look interesting' and to these two girls justified the quote very well.

"Welcome beautiful ladies, mind letting me know what game would you like to play?" a man of average height, pale brown skin with wrinkles around his blue eyes appeared out of nowhere, suddenly.

He smiled politely with his folded hands doing his job alas, the poor guy hardly had the idea that those two girls had only entered his game zone just to mess up a little but play any game! He lightly spread his one arm out in order to lead the two school girls to inside of his shop, "This way ma'am. I think you would like playing with our new table tennis game with a robotic player on the opponent." He was walking ahead of them while Valen and Betty followed him whispering and giggling into each other's ears.

They seldom listen what the man was explaining as their eyes were more into studying the shop around containing thousands of games and play stations. The room looked small from the outside with two see through glass doors of a rectangular frame but when they walked in they realized it was thrice the size than what it felt like, from the outside.

Any ways, the man reached a room attached to the main one where a table tennis and other board games were available. "There is a mannequin on your opposite, you will have to defeat him. And if you do it in the first three attempts then you will get a gift hamper of different hair brushes, ladies." He said, the man walked to a shelf in the front in order to get a pair of bats and a tennis ball.

Surprisingly, he felt all alone. The whispers and following steps behind him seemed not following him anymore. And just as he turned around to shoot a glance at them, "Gross!" They were gone, splitting water all the way on the floor behind them.

Valen and Betty leaned forward trying to suppress their laughs. The act was good, it was really funny. "But I feel bad, Betty. Let's promise that we'd come back tomorrow and apologize f

oo in his eyes. Both needed each other albeit one held herself out of her respect and the other out of his ego. Both wanted to hug each other yet the misunderstanding was a problem.

Anyways, his grip tightened more that now it was unbearable. She requested him initially asking him to let her free. Her eyes pleaded, she didn't want to do anything that could make her regret later for now she was confident, it wasn't him who was in pain alone but she herself too.

When he didn't work on her plea turning complete deaf ears to her pleads, Valen sucked in a breath of courage as what she was going to do, needed plentiful energy. It was more like repeating mistakes however she was left with no otherwise option than that.

"Enough Ryley" Valen raised her voice pushing him in the opposite direction with such energy that he moved a few steps back.

Her watering eyes stilled on his face vexed at what he did to her all this while. Everything has a limit, tolerance too. None can tolerate something for more then a particular period, beyond that if it goes; becomes a severe predicament.

"As I told you already, I am just done with you. I have no more strength in me to fight you. Please, leave me alone. Stop chasing me." Her voice was paced with ache, definitely saying her feelings out. Her behavior still didn't change and Valen picked her phone up.

As the light of the torch fell on his face from different angle, it was the moment when Valen realized he was all red. It was not out of anger but hurt. Although it was hard saying all that she anyway brought herself to say that. "Now if you ever want to talk to me, first respect me." Having that said, she pulled the strap of her bag near her chest killing it in her hard clutch in distress. His eyes were too much to hold a sight of.

While she took a step ahead to cross him and go past him outside that area Valen bit her lower lip apprehensively. She did expect him to say something, if not doing. She had crossed one fourth lenght of the path and there was yet no response from his side.

It made her sigh for she masterly tamed him avoiding any kind of destruction done to herself or to himself as well. Alas, life was not as favourable as she supposed it to be. "You didn't leave me in any position of doing any talks, Valen-tine." Intrigued with his sentence as Valen turned around to spare him a glance, she experienced herself being held high in the air away from the ground against the cold wall of the building and the very next moment, she sensed an agonizing pain shoot down the muscles of her neck as his canines punctured hole in her skin.

"Ahhhh" Her loud scream combined with the roaring winds while he held her close beautifying her skin with his signature mark.

At last, she was marked by the bully.


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