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   Chapter 52 Are you asking me

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 15043

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Valen's point of view...



Alpha was calling him continuously, he sounded irritated when Ryley did not reply to him despite of being called several times. "Ryley Shine!!! Where the heck are you lost" This time he roared loudly taking away everyone's breaths. The curtains flew in the air at the power of his roar while the podium where he was standing across, shook badly.

"Yes da- I mean alpha" Ryley got up nervously, he bit his lips looking at his father's deathly glares.

Alpha came down on the ground from the stage breathing loudly. His exhalation and inhalation was a real distraction. "I asked you to answer my question?" he raised his eyebrow walking through the crowd until he reached his son in the corner.

He had zoned out that he could not hear as to how many times have alpha repeatedly called his name. Ryley was behaving very strange ever since he entered the hall. It felt like glaring me was the only thing he was reduced to do for now. Even though I tried not attracting more of his attention yet anyway I don't know how but I did. It was clear by the way he glared me now past his father's face, from the crook of his neck straight over at me.

"Uh I am sorry alpha but didn't that guy answer your question correctly?" Not only me but alpha himself was taken aback. Who answered his question? We didn't have anyone answering anything so far. And when alpha asked which guy had supposedly answered him then Ryley pointed out Bruno's empty chair, perplexed. "The one sitting on that chair, Bruno Gonsalves. My classmate!" He moved his head in the hall searching for him.

"Ryley." Alpha squeezed his shoulder locking their gaze. From what I can see, it was acquitted he knew what was disturbing Ryley. Alpha's sudden leave from the stage and directly standing in front of his son was evident in itself that there was something Ryley was disquieted for and perceived that. "Ryley, That guy just wanted to go the wash room!" and once again whole world around bust into laughter, Ryley was surprised too that a shocked grin crept on his lips.

Any ways, he at least smiled!

It took a minute or two for the hall to get back in its silent aura however Ryley's anxiety could be seen. "Valen, don't you think Ryley is acting weird today." I had opened my mouth to make an answer, "All thanks to you. You irritated the bully guy by choosing another man over him. That is indeed a shame damn it. He is the next alpha and you bravely insulted him by rejecting him." I could not get myself to the position of replying her.

I did want to tell her what she was interpreting regarding me and him was all wrong. I never rejected him, and he never liked me yet it was next to impossible making my point for the bully bastard's eyes were back on me staring me from the crook of his father's neck with his tilted head.

Although I felt something something (may be happiness is the correct word) having joined our names. He was my crush in the beginning when I first saw him, and the fact that he would actually shower me with his attention just made me want him as a boyfriend until his eighteenth birthday. After that he completely changed hence giving me no importance in his life instead, insulating and choosing to bully was what he invested his energy more in. That was the beginning of the distance between us otherwise I had made up my mind that I would tell dadda to get me hitched with him.

Don't know what else the fate planned for me that we are now standing here at a point where everything is messed up. I do feel wanting him in my life but at the same time I feel going away from him as he won't change.

I don't mind him being a bully but at least he could be a little nicer to me. He could give me some respect like other girls. But it seems unthinkable now. His eyes are conveying enough of his emotions and I can rightfully tell Betty was not wrong. He does have some feelings for me just that he does not want to let them out.

'Stop making palaces out of ashes, Valen. Ryley will never love you'

My mind mocked me, I should rather say it just broke my little bubble of happiness. Yeah, that is true, I might be taking him wrong. The cause for his deadly stares and glares could be something else. Perhaps he saw me with Eric and feels agitated since I did not follow his words he told me earlier, many times.

But why should I? He is neither my boyfriend nor my well wisher. And he just wants to keep me away from others just becaus

to accept them or reject them." Thrilled as we all were, we sat on the edge of our chairs excitedly.

" And to make sure that all of you sitting here in this session know the importance of having a mate, we decided to include a new subject in our syllabus. A subject that was never taught you in the past— MATE-O-LOGY, a set of fifty one questions and their detailed answers, some reasons why you should stay put with your destined mate, why you should avoid and eradicate the word rejection and happily accept your mate. A subject that will change your view towards the mating bond and your mates."

Gasps broke in the room as

The projector flashed another picture on the white screen. It was the same picture shown earlier— a wolf embracing a human girl but this time there were the title and the writer's name on it.

MATE-O-LOGY co-written by Dr. Jason Pereira and Alpha Hercules.

What the heck, dadda wrote that book along with alpha!

So that was the cause why he used to stay up late in the night carrying out researches and going to meet alpha in any hour of the day.

I was both happy and confused seeing my dadda's name on the book as it was still not cleared what was the book about.

"The lectures will be held from the day after tomorrow that is, Monday. Don't you dare skip the lectures, we will be taking strict actions against you if you don't attend the same. You will get your textbooks on the first day itself by your teacher who will teach you this subject along with your revised time table cards. We want to make sure everyone in our pack is happy and strong with their mates. Having a mate is amazing, more amazing if you get to know about them a bit. So we are looking forward seeing you in the lecture on Monday, who knows when you meet your mate right after that! Thanks for attending this session and making it a success, you may disperse now." Alpha finished with a sigh and a wave of applause moved across in the room.

It was exciting, the way the wolf students talked amongst themselves about the new subject, it was clear they were interested in attending it. I and Betty collected our stuff to leave as we saw many girls moving to Ryley's father with the their phones for pictures. "Ryley, hope you find your mate after this session." picking up my bag on my shoulder as I was about to leave, Zander loudly shouted grabbing everyone's attention.

"I wish that too." Alpha remarked chuckling heartily. He made a pouty face walking over at Ryley smirking devilishly for his son was annoyed. "Aww did I hurt you?" He pulled him close by the arm setting his hair.

It was so good seeing them together. And like how Ryley was acting like a kid around him, was a rare sight I ever saw. His lips quivered when he spoke something lightly. "Come on Valen, let's leave." Betty said, and what I saw next was them walking outside the hall together not before spotting Ryley shoot a glance at me turning his face around.

What does he want from me?


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