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   Chapter 48 No, she can't be— Valen.

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 8169

Updated: 2020-01-15 02:01

Ryley's point of view...

My breaths were calm yet shallow, And I didn't want to panic because I didn't want whoever was near me to know I was guilty or upset for my deeds. I sat with my friends talking about the trip even though it has been nearly three days to our return now.

Clarke and Yeoman were as usually talking about the girls they had fun with, Wendy and Zander laughed at the video they were watching in his phone and here I sat alone biting my lips, thinking about Valen.

"Dude I swear, I would go back there and spend time with that check. Just look at her photos, woah." Yeoman said.

I don't know what has happened to me? It was as if I had lost myself in her aura and everything happened on its own. I don't know but I liked her scent hitting me right after the moment I drove my car into the parking lot. It is the best feeling for a wolf to start his day smelling his mate's fragrance. I don't know, but I was just happy to know we were alone in the lot.

She was also late that gave me a good feeling because, we could walk in the class together.

I wanted to leave and meet her directly outside the class but my desires had got the best of me. I wanted to see her. My legs automatically drove in the direction where she parked her car. When I reached near her, she was talking to herself like any other time, and I cannot stop my smiles.

Her stupid naive acts were giving me happiness. The girl I had hated just because she was my mate have now begun to give me an unknown soothing sensation around her. And trust me it was all smooth going until I reminisced the last night.

I cannot describe how agitated it felt. A fucking guy was peeping through her window shamelessly. Dude, she was my fucking mate. Only I know what has got onto me witnessing that moment. I am sure no guy in this world would appreciate his girl being watched in the darkness of night while she is asleep.

That too when he is right outside her house guarding her so that she is safe but no, that is when he gets to see a handsome guy jumping up on her window and peeping inside her room. I felt a thousand crores needles pricking my heart.

'Why, I wonder Ryley? You don't love her nor do you want to accept her as your mate but still you are jealous when another guy sees her. You should not be jealous if you don't want her in the first place.'

"Hey, Ryley where are you going, bro?" Zander called me from the back as I aggress

y my mate.

I don't know how long I kept sitting on the railing of the terrace staring at the atmosphere. My cheeks were cold now. Honestly I was least interested in attending the next lecture, yet I had to wait for dad was going to come. And if the going to be alpha won't be there, it will not look nice and above all, it would be a humiliating act kn my part toward the alpha.

So I waited there for the bell to ring. After some fifteen minutes when it finally rang I sighed defeatedly, feeling tired. I still continued to sit there and enjoy the atmosphere. The darkness prevailing inside the Greenwood was attracting. It was kind of calling me to dive in there and spend some peaceful moments there.

In fact, the moving leaves of the trees seemed like they were waving at me to accept their offer. Never minding that, as I hopped the railing to leave, I saw a figure walking about amidst the trees. Wait, it was not alone, they were two. From what I could see with my zoomed eyes, someone was on the moving person's back.

That was thrilling. The students were not allowed to go in and I wonder who could it be. All I can see was a small dot moving in the direction of the school building. It approached and approached until the vision was clear. However, I cracked an eye open— it was enough where I could investigate my surroundings, but

Not enough so whoever it was didn't know I

Was watching them.

My heart was running a race as the figures cleared up. My eyes blurred with tears and lips pursing together at the unfortunate view I saw— it was the hunter and the person on his back was, Valen.


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