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   Chapter 47 I don't know what to do

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 7639

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Her pupils hopefully fixated on his baffled face. Valen seemed no tensed at all. It was as if she took the decision cleverly. Her fingers lightly rubbed against his skin as she came closer to him until they were a few inches away. The fact that she was shorter than him, she upped her head slightly up with the expectation of being kissed as her waist felt his arm surrounding it.

She tightly clutched her eyelids together feeling nervous, all of a sudden. It was better to be kissed by someone worthy. At least they would not treat you like nobody. Her mind only had one thought 'Eradicating every moment spent with Ryley'. He has really hurt her beyond limits this time.

There was no chance of repair. Her hurt was of another level that cannot be ignored. Be it his physical tortures or mental ones... She did whatever she can to save a friend who she knew after opening her eyes. But as they say... You can't keep anyone in your life without their consent— Valen now realized what she was trying to chase!

She was looking for her shadow in the night which was as impossible as holding stars in the hands.

Any ways, now she was precise on her decision. She wanted the chapter of the bully bastard closed forever. In fact the rumours of them of 'not bothering anyone any more' came out to be true so it was real they won't be hurting her again. And kissing Eric could be her chance for leaving everything behind and starting a new chapter in life. A chapter that was yet to be read, eagerly to be dived in and all prepared to explore the threats lurking within it.

Her stomach felt a harsh knot in her stomach when he really joined their foreheads. Okay, so if it all had been an excuse given to herself for forgetting his tortures just to soothe herself Valen cannot take any back step from it. He has finally decided to kiss her.

Something happened to her body. She felt like pulling away and running back to the class. They have wasted enough time here. Who knows if alpha have come to the class already? A part of her body, the stupid heart bested loudly with the passing seconds.

Valen felt her fingers developing a numb touch against his chest. She was honestly not in the mood whether to go ahead with the decision of new chapter or continue the old one as it sti

ly. Valen cannot really think rationally. She was not sure whether to give his words a second thought or stick to her decision and start a new chapter? It was difficult. And the dilemma was doing no good.

"So what do you think I should do? Because I don't want to struggle any more, Eric. I am also not sure whether I want him to come and apologize or be the same old person he is and, I myself make a move on or not!" it was now Eric's chance to smile.

He turned around, signalled her to jump up on his back before he said, "I don't think I am the right person to answer this, Valen. It would be nice if you go and talk to him who had the guts to turn your life and emotions upside down. He bent you to certain extent that you can't stop yourself from doing something that, you had regretted in the future. But know that Valen... We only feel hurt when we love someone and jealousy is a major part here. I am sure this pain in the ass guy in your life can answer you, you will have to go and ask him first." He ended the topic leaving her with some confusions, some answers, some new questions and obviously the realization that Ryley was not an easy nut but worth to give a try!

"Now hold me tight, kiddo. I heard your school bell already. We will have to rush you to the class before the teacher enters in.", With that, Eric bent forward taking his position like a racer running for a relay match, before running through the long trees.

Today, she will indeed get an answer alas, not a pleasant one.


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