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   Chapter 46 Eric kiss me!

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 6397

Updated: 2020-01-12 01:08

Why is life so hard?

It gives you false hopes over useless aspects. To be precise, over ungrateful people. It makes you do everything possible for them. You cross every barricade just to make sure they stay in your life. But anyway, something happens and lets you know what have you been doing?

And when you know it was just waste of time and your emotion, it hurts badly.

No doubts.

But then, sometimes the realization is too cruel that you don't want to believe on them. The truth stays revealed across your eyes still it gets heavier for you to interpret it.

Valen sat under a huge line cypress tree in the back side of the school. It was empty with only huge trees covering the grounds and circular fence separating the school from the forest. A healthy forest, to be honest. Greenwoods, the oldest plantation belonging to alpha Hercules' pack for years anyone could remember, looked appealing.

The fresh breeze adored Valen's skin. She stared in that direction ever since she came here to find herself some peace. Her heart was broken, she was felt humiliated today beyond limits. And she could not find any other option than walking for the Greenwoods absent mindedly.

It felt as if the forest was calling her. The nature's heavenly embrace was offering her solace. She increased her speed after jumping off the fence that came till her shoulder easily. Her legs automatically made their move going deeper and deeper in the forest.

She passed big trees, tossed down against the roots over the land, her body got some painful scars yet there was no stopping or looking behind. There was still time for the second class to start, an hour. Her feet pained running deeper and deeper into the woods until she tripped and fell down.

Falling onto her stomach Valen shut her eyes letting the pain spread in her body. She made a fun out of herself. Who was she trying to change? The bully bastar

, it can be dangerous." He pulled her away from himself staring her sternly.

And like a real guilty she looked down over his abs. With his strong arms he swiftly separated himself from her hold. They got up together dusting their clothes. She seemed fine now. The tears marks were there but not tears any more. The sadness was there, adamant on her face but not it's depression any more. Bully Bastard's actions hurt her but not its memories any more. And above all, the uneasiness of touching Eric intimately was there was not the regret any more.

"So Valentine, it's high time now that you understand. I can understand you like forest just how I do but for you, it is like chasing your death. I am warning you last time, stay away from such places. If you are sad, visit a park for that matter but a forest. Am I clear to you." Like an experienced person Eric tried to threat her with the best of his threatening tone however, he only found himself being stared unnecessarily.

Eric looked around shyly as if he heard something then at her face. Her eyes never leaving his sight. He didn't know how to react as now he can smell her thoughts very well. And before he can do anything so to divert her mind, he heard her say that out finally, "Eric kiss me."


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