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   Chapter 45 I didn't mean hurting you.

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 6710

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Ryley seemed shaken. His facial looks showed what he did was out of the heat of the moment. He himself couldn't understand as to what had happened to him, it was hard to stop himself when he saw Valen in the parking lot. The memories of the last night came back to his mind, and he ended up approaching her.

It was all fun until he turned around and saw her face. Indeed, she was a piece of beauty that could become anyone's desire however least have he thought that she will become the hunters desire too. She will set his heart on fire in a way that he won't stop himself from following her every mood.

Ryley learned that the other night. It was when he saw the hunter looking here and there before jumping up on her window and peeping inside. Thankfully it was locked so he could not go inside. Even Ryley would not have let that happen. He had taken his position all set to pound on that bastard, but he stopped realizing he was only peeping in, nothing more.

Still it was a big thing for him. He did not do anything then but he was sure he wouldn't have come here until meeting Valen. She must have bumped into him somewhere, that was why he dared to enter the city and look inside his mate's bedroom like that when he was actually required to be there in Timberland hunting for that deadly creature!

That became the reason behind his surprising kiss that was soft in the beginning but increased in terms of pain with passing second as the flashbacks homed his mind. And for now, the scenario was all different. "How dare you Ryley Shine?" her voice shrieked, it was laced with agony and plaintiveness.

Ryley, on the other hand chewed his cheek for the first time in life, feeling bad. He really have not meant to hurt or make her cry. He was in no position to justify his actions nor tell her what made him do so. "Valen, listen I—" another slap kissed his cheek, this time her slap was so hard that he stumbled back in shock.

"Not a word any more Ryley Shine. Not a word." Her finger poin

d soon as she uttered that statement.

He heard her and so was staring her whilst sitting in their usual corner table at the seat, across the glass window behind. His chair was exactly located opposite to hers facing each other. The smirk his lips bore turned into a nervous smile as he tried to focus on Clarke's words.

Alas, he cannot stop himself from staring at her. "No Valen, why will you leave. It should be him, not you. Please sit down." Betty held Valen's arms requesting her to stop while the bully bastard looked at them, listening their conversation.

He did feel bad, she knew that as she had sensed it in the parking lot still the way he masked his expressions in front of his friends, not wanting them to know what had happened between him and Valen... His pretension of being joyous left her with no emotion than hatred for him. She felt disgusted.

"I am sorry Betty but I don't want to share the same air as them any more. They disgust me." She said quite loudly that the entire bully gang heard that. And with that, she exited the canteen without giving anyone any glance after that.

"Was that for us?" Asked Zander to his friends watching Valen's backtracking figure.

Ryley stared the path she went by until she was out of his sight and said, "No, Just for me." Turning the others suspicious.


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