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   Chapter 44 Enough now!!!

Marked by the bully. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 6455

Updated: 2020-01-08 22:22

Valen's pov...

My body ached when I stretched it in the morning. The temperature has fallen badly. I have just stepped out of the bed to call it a good morning and get ready for the school. Slipping my feet into the slippers as I initiated a walk toward the window in order to pull away tur curtains and meet the sun, my fingers of the feet curled up.

The slippers have become cold like ice. It was piercing my skin that I have to quickly remove them. I threw them under my study table opening the curtains. My night was a little serious but the day is equally lively. My excitement went overboard as soon as my pupils stilled at the scenery across my eyes. "Wow this is just beautiful!" everything was covered in thick fluffy snow.

Even my once red car turned all white being draped into the cloak of ice looking heavenly. I had the urge of going out in the snow and play until getting exhausted. Unfortunately, I have to keep that thought back somewhere in the corner of my mind. It was the time of school.

The professors have already warned us to take no leave for the coming days as the alpha Hercules, Ryley's father can come anytime in the school and announce about the new subject that were to be included in the syllabus.

It is a new subject which was never taught in any wolf school ever but keeping in mind some important aspects and other keys Alpha Hercules decided to include this in the second semester. I wonder what can it be about?

I get hard intuitions it will be related with the human students of the school or something to do with the bullying. It has increased too much over the period of last few years. May be Alpha was intimated about the bully gang and how they treat others!

Hmm, it can be the case but still Ryley is his only son and the next alpha in line for the pack. He will not take any action against him otherwise it will only spoil the name of their pack.

*Alarm ringing*


hem, Valen thoroughly discerned he was jealous.

But why!

Her lashes clasped together tightly while her fingers remorseful lu curled up with the fabric of his shirt's collar trying to kero herself still. She had lost her balance and oxygen. It was difficult to hold herself still and so she left her body loose only to feel him circling his arm around her therefore giving her some support.

She moaned painfully when her soft lips turned red with her blood coating them in its shade of red, it cannot stop him nevertheless. Ryley continued his actions until he felt her scratching his neck with her nails. It left red fresh scratches on his white skin while beads of blood peaked through them as she constantly tortured his epidermis in struggle, feeling short of oxygen.

As he pulled away Valen let her head fall on his shoulder inhaling her share of oxygen vigorously. "Tell me honestly Valen what did you exactly do in my absence and who did you meet?" flabbergasted with his distrustful query her mind came back to the present.

Having enough of him, Valen summoned up her strength pushing him away with all her might and the very next moment she painted his cheek with her tight slap, breathing heavily amidst her irises blurring with hot tears. She was crying.


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